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Python Extensions for Windows



Related Projects

Sms20movistar - Python module that emulates movistar SMS2.0 application

This application allows you to use SMS2.0 service without downloading and installing que application provided by movistar You only have to provide your telephone number and web access password PyWin32 library needed to use win32 API functions (it can be downloaded from )

Pymft - Change file Created/Modified/Accessed time

Application Name: WbMFT(Modify File Time) or pymft(googlecode) Description: Change file Created/Modified/Accessed time. tags: Python, wxPython, wxWidget, i18n, Boa, py2exe, winreg, PyWin32

Mailthrottler - A smart SMTP email relay written in python for use to prevent email floods

A smart SMTP email relay written in python for use to prevent email floods. Current Requirements: Python 2.6 Twisted Genshi pywin32 (only for windows services) A very simple presentation on the mail throttler

Python-windows-tiler - A small simple tiler for Windows.

A small simple tiler for Windows written in Python, using the pywin32 modules. NEW VERSION 1.0 is out now, it introduces a config file which should be pretty self explanatory. It allows you to configure your hotkeys and set basic window rules based on the window's classname. Please file any issues you have in the issues tracker with the corresponding error and errors.log(found in the directory PWT is running from) Featuring: Tiling window management Workspaces Per monitor tiling Low use of resou

Django-win32service - a django app to manage easily a lightweight web server as a win32 service.

Based on pywin32 and the lightweight development webserver of django. Howtoinstall the pywin32 python extension copy the directory djangoservice in your django project add the djangoservice app to your project; edit the settings like following: INSTALLED_APPS = ( ... 'myproject.djangoservice',)manage your webserver with python service subcmd that's all Service managementpython service install Installs the lightweight webserver as a service. The service name is django_web_serv

Python-on-windows-docs - Documentation set for Python running on Windows

While Python's own documentation set is well-maintained and meets most people's needs, people coming to Python on Windows suffer from a couple of drawbacks. One is that, historically, Python comes from a Unix background and some of its functionality reflects that. Even when low-level functions are available on Windows, they often refer to a Posix-compliant layer which Microsoft seems to have abandoned long ago. Another is that, while the pywin32 extensions are wide-ranging and actively maintaine

Pygtkie - Internet Explorer embedding to pygtk applications

Small and imature component for simple Internet Explorer embedding to your pygtk application. python only code dependent on pywin32 control context menu in IE via callbacks control page display in IE via callbacks access the IE Document and more Exampleimport gtkfrom pygtkie import IEHtmlViewwindow = gtk.Window(gtk.WINDOW_TOPLEVEL)window.resize(800, 600)ie = IEHtmlView();window.add(ie) ie.SetDocument("""This is an IE page hosted by <a href="">python</a>

Pymsexch - python library that allows to manage Microsoft Exchange

Library provides management access to Microsoft Exchange. Supported Exchange versions 2003, 2007, 2010. Supported python version 3.x Library uses PowerShell, WMI, CDO/CDOEXM, MAPI, ADSI and wrap their stuff to python. It have to be used on the Exchange Server machine. Requires PyWin32 example of use from import Serversrv = Server()store = srv.get_store('First Storage Group')for item in sg.get_mailbox_databases(): if not item.is_mounted(): item.mount()mdb = store.get_mailbox_datab

Pydev-pack - A Python Developer Package for Microsoft Windows

All you need for programming Python on Microsoft Windows in one installer. The most common libraries, dependencies and DLLs. Just download and run. List of packages included in this release: Subversion ( OpenSSH ( OpenSSL ( pyOpenSSL ( libusb ( PyUSB ( Open Komodo ( pyWin32 (

Opendbviewer - A portable and open source SQL database viewer

This project is an open source viewer for SQL database based on GTK+ and Python. It will allow you to explore and edit database. FeaturesSupport many engine : SQLite3 (via python sqlite3 module) MS Access (via python win32 AdoDB) Explore many connection at same time with tab control Explore many table with tab control : View table structure View table data and with or without using the fast filter Add unlimited SQL worksheet with SQL helpers : SQL syntax highlighting (thanks to GtkSourceView) SQ