Python Wikipedia Robot Framework

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A framework for writing robots to crawl MediaWiki wikis like Wikipedia, with the goal of standardizing content or otherwise making minor modifications to the pages of the wiki including making interwiki links.



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Legobot is a bot on written in Python using the Pywikipediabot framework.

Pylywi - Various scripts to interact with including a PyWikipediaBot based bot.

Various scripts to interact with including a PyWikipediaBot based bot. Please report any bugs you may find. Featureslytag, a mass tagger that fetches lyrics from and saves them in the ID3v2 tag. A bot to transfer data from Discogs to A bot framework to upload lyrics to from various sources. Some generic bot actions. RequirementslytagZSI Soap library (tested with version 2.0). eyeD3 Tag library (tested with version 0.6.16). Warning: Please

Pythonwikibot - Python Bot Framework for MediaWiki

THIS PROJECT IS DEPRECATED Due to the new breaking changes introduced in the MediaWiki API and the inability for the developer to keep up with those changes, PythonWikiBot is essentially dead. It is recommended that users convert to PyWikipediaBot's rewrite branch (!link). A Python bot framework for MediaWiki wiki's using MediaWiki's API.


MUMPS suite of routines to manipulate MediaWiki XML dumps for generation of data for posting to or for running with pywikipediabot Python scripts. For only. See

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OKBot is a bot run by OsamaK at Wikimedia Projects. It's written mainly in Python (using pywikipediabot). Please note that the license is 'GPLv3 or any later version'.

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What is AVBOT?AVBOT is an anti-vandalism bot for MediaWiki wikis. It is developed by Emilio J. Rodríguez-Posada in Python, using pywikipediabot and irclib. AVBOT has been working in Spanish Wikipedia from 2008, it has reverted more than 250,000 vandalism edits, and it has several clones managed by other users. FeaturesRegular expressions and scoring system Blanking edits detector Non-notable biographies detector for articles about years Warning messages to vandals DownloadYou can download the s