PyUnit testing framework

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A unit testing framework for Python based on JUnit and XUnit, the de-facto standard frameworks for Java and SmallTalk respectively. Provides a standard, proven, simple and elegant way to write unit tests for Python software. GUI also provided.



Related Projects


Pikzie is an Unit Testing Framework for Python. Pikzie provides more Pythonish API(*) and more usefull test result output rather than PyUnit ( (*) PEP 8 -- Style Guide for Python Code:


Jester is a test tester for testing your java JUnit tests (Pester is for Python PyUnit tests). It modifies your source code, runs the tests and reports if the tests pass despite the changes to the code. This can indicate missing tests or redundant code.

Pyunitgtk - gtk frontend to pyunit

Pyunit test manager with gtk forntend

Python-bowlingscore - Test Driven Development - Bowling Score Keeper - Python

We are to design a simple bowling score keeper with test driven development method using Python and PyUnit.

Pyunit-splitcamelcase - split camel case names in PyUnit test names

Commandline tool to split camelCase in test names of PyUnit tests. CamelCase is good if there are few components. When there are more than 4 it becomes annoyance to read. If you have the convention of using camelcase to name tests, you have some long camel cases in your project. One solution is to use underscores, but in case of PyUnit there is yet another solution. You can use docstrings. The good news is that if there is a doc string in the test method, PyUnit will display it instead of test n

WebUnit framework

A framework for performing client-side tests of web applications, based on PyUnit.

Pytestsgenerator - Python Test Case Generator

PyTestsGenerator is an automated Test Case Generator for creating python unittests. It is a tool that is used to create pyunit test cases for any given python module. It requires only the name of the module to generate its testcases, except in the case of customization.The use of the GUI is optional as the test cases could be generated with the CLI itself. The Project aims at making the life of the python developers and unit testers easy.The generation of the test cases have been simplified to i

Insulatenoseplugin - A plugin for nosetests, to enable the crash handling

When nosetests runs a sequence of tests and one of the tests crashes badly, i.e. causing python to terminate, all subsequent tests are aborted. This plugin will run the tests in a master/slave model where the master starts a slave which actually runs the tests the master tells it to. If a test crashes the master will start a new slave and simply tell it to start at the test following the one that crashed. See documentation for more info.

Pyphysdemos - Computational Physics Projects in Python

These are physics programming projects for undergraduate students in physics and engineering. The goal of this project is to share ideas and examples to help university students get interested in programming and computer simulations. Python is a freely available language that is easy to program and has great graphics capabilities. This site will contain background information on python as well as demonstration codes and student reports from computational physics projects. Right now, we have the

Trialtest - Setuptools plugin for running tests with trial

Setuptools plugin that makes the unit tests run by ' test' use trial instead of pyunit.