PyTZ - Python Time Zone Library

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Cross platform time zone library for Python 2.3+



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Gae-pytz - pytz tuned for google app engine

This project provides a version of pytz tuned for Google App Engine. get gaepytz from Aboutpytz has a severe performance problem that impedes its usage in App Engine. This is caused because pytz.__init__ builds a list of available zoneinfos checking the entire zoneinfo database (which means: it tries to open hundreds of files). This is done in the module globals, so it is not easily avoidable. And it is far from ideal to do this in App Engine - app initializat


A version of the python-datetime module which deeply cares about timezone (instead of ignoring the problem). The module automatically detects your current timezone using a variety of different methods. The module also includes extra functionality; Partial parsing support (IE 2006/02/30 matches %Y/%M/%D %H:%M) Full integration with pytz (just give it the string of the timezone!) Proper support for going to/from Unix timestamps (which are in UTC!). Code is available on github at

Aemechanic - App Engine Mechanic is a toolbox of helpers for App Engine Projects

aeMechanic is toolbox of useful code and snippets for working on App Engine projects Use the svn checkout to download aeMechanic, the featured download isn't up to date with the current revisions in the repository. New Additionsaem_datetime - makes datetime conversions from UTC to user specified tz, designed to be lighter weight than pytz and is optimized for displaying datetime from UTC input. Patches for additional time zones are welcome. See AemDateTimeUsage for more information If a TimeZone

Xmltopy - Helpful utilities when using XML from Python.

Includes the following: xsdtopy: Generates Python classes from types defined in XML Schema documents (xsd files). Classes contain appropriate metadata describing the XML structure to enable serialization and deserialization. xmlserializer: Serializes and deserializes Python objects to/from XML format. Designed to work with classes generated by xsdtopy, but in very simple cases may work with regular Python classes as well. Requires lxml for xml manipulation. Requires jinja2 for code generation. R

Python-tzparse - A python module which provides parsing of time specification strings which include

Python's standard library contains the modules 'time' and 'datetime', which provide a great number of time and date related functions, classes and methods. One function which isn't provided, however, is the ability to fully parse an arbitrary date/time string according to a given format, when it contains a timezone indication different from 'UTC' and the local timezone. tzparse.tzparse() provides that capability. It uses time.strptime() to parse the non-timezone parts, and handles the timezone p

Ccy - python module for currencies

A useful python module for currencies. Not all currencies in the world are supported yet. You are welcome to join and add more. The module compile a dictionary of currency objects containing information useful in financial analysis. The module depends on pytz the Olson tz database for Python. For downloads goto the Python package index Any comments are welcome. Installingeasy_install ccyor pip install ccyor download, uncompress and type python installRu

Myzones - Show several of your favorite timezones in a window

IntroductionIf you live in the southern hemisphere like I do, you probably constantly struggle to figure out what time it is in the northern hemisphere. This is because, when daylight savings time comes around the north jumps forward and we jump back (or vice-versa). To make things even more complicated, the date and hour that the time changes is usually different. There will be one or more weeks where time difference is X hours. Add the classic "off by one" error or a little dyslexia and your b

flask-babel - i18n and l10n support for Flask based on Babel and pytz

i18n and l10n support for Flask based on Babel and pytz

Django-twittervoice - A Simple Twitter account aggregator Django application

NOTE: This project is now being hosted at github Owner/Author: Jon Loyens IntroductionTwitterVoice is a set of simple open source Django applications for working with Twitter and sponsored by Bazaarvoice. The first application provided is called 'twtribes' and allows you to create Twitter 'tribes' or groups of twitter accounts. A tribe view collates the 'n' most recent status entries of its members and displays them. Additionally, tribes can define interest terms. The application will search for

python-gae-pytz - Google AppEngine optimized version of pytz

Google AppEngine optimized version of pytz