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pyTivo is both an HMO and GoBack server. Similar to TiVo Desktop pyTivo loads many standard video compression codecs and outputs mpeg2 video to the TiVo. However, pyTivo is able to load MANY more file types than TiVo Desktop.



Related Projects

Peapodcatcher - A lightweight podcast catcher.

A simple, lightweight podcast catcher built in .NET 3.5. Advanced features include integration with pyTivo for pushing video to your Tivo as well as support for Mediafly.

Pytivo-auto-push - pyTivo auto transfers program

(See installation and usage documentation further below) INTRODUCTIONThis program works in conjunction with pyTivo server. You can setup 1 or more pyTivo video shares to be automatically monitored for new video files. New video files deposited anywhere under a pyTivo video share are automatically pushed to a networked TiVo of your choosing. This is designed to mimic similar functionality as Tivo Desktop Auto Transfers from PC to TiVo. Screenshot of GUI mode can be seen below. Once you have confi

Pytivo-jkasyan-fork - A fork of pytivo. By jkasyan.

This project is a windows installer for pyTivo, a tivo media server suite, with a plugin for access to Mediamall's Playon software. This program in conjunction with Playon, will allow you to watch many internet media streams on your tivo. "PlayOn is a software program that runs on your Windows PC, giving you access to a wide range of Internet content on your TV -- Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon VOD, and many others." Requirements: A Tivo (Series 2 or higher), Java, Windows. If you want the Playo

Pytivo-metadata-manager - pyTivo Metadata Manager

IntroductionThere aren't many options for managing your video metadata for pyTivo, which can be a laborious, time consuming and error prone job. So, I wrote up this utility to simplify maintaining my video library information. It's written in .NET 3.0, so us the MS .NET 3.0 runtime, or Mono 2.0 and you should have no problems. DetailsFeatures include: TV Movie Maintenance: This app will maintain the proper metadata tags for TV Shows vs. Movies Ratings: Properly rate all of your content, include

Tioover - A small, perl-based program to automatically "suck" content from a Tivo system

This is a small project to automatically pull content from a Tivo system to another computer and use the TivoDecode program to decode it into a standard MPEG. It also can create the necessary metadata file for use with pyTivo. This project started as a personal work to get content from my Tivo without the need for the installation of the Tivo desktop software, Galleon, or any other such "big" program for such a small job. The purpose of hosting it on Google code is two-fold: 1. To give others ac

Kmttg - Tivo To Go made easy

(See installation and usage documentation further below) INTRODUCTIONkmttg is a Java based program I wrote to facilitate TivoToGo (TTG) transfers that can download, create pyTivo metadata, decrypt, run comskip & comcut (commercial detection and removal), create closed captions files and re-encode multiple shows you select from your Tivos all automatically. The program also has the capability to transfer and process shows automatically from your Tivos based on titles and keywords you setup. You c

Pytivox - pytivo for macOS

pyTivoXpyTivoX lets you play movies from your mac to your tivo. It is a free replacement for the upload feature of Tivo Desktop Plus. (Look at iTiVo for the download features). pyTiVoX only runs on OSX 10.5 (Leopard) and up. It is aimed at users of Series 2, Series 3, and TivoHD machines. It includes both pyTivo and StreamBaby. InstallationDownload from the right. Copy the pyTivoX program into your applications folder. And run it from Applications. Screenshots Problems / Questions?The F.A.Q is h

Tago - Automatically Tag your mp4 TV Shows and Movies

TaGo will automatically scan and create tag files for your TV shows and movies. It currently works on MP4 and M4V files -- with more to come. TaGo will soon be able to write MP4 Tags to MP4 and M4Vs. TaGo currently writes TiVo-compatible .txt files next to the file in the same directory. TaGo expects these files to be served up to your TiVo by PyTiVo or StreamBaby. TaGo runs on: OS X Universal Binary, Intel and PPC Windows 2000 and later Linux (Requires GTK+ 2.x and above) If you wish to partici

Streambaby - Tivo HME Streaming Application

StreamBabyA TiVo HME application for streaming videosRequires TiVoHD or TiVo Series 3Support: Getting Started Mac users may also download & install pyTivoX which includes a full GUI and install for both streambaby and pyTiVo. Thanks:First thanks to the tivostream project, of which the original code of this project is based on. Without the heavy lifting done by tivostream this project would not exist. A double thanks to moyekj (tivostre


A github mirror of the lucasnz fork of pytivo