Python Web Project

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The Python Web Project is an attempt to further enhance Python and promote it as the best language for web programming. The project includes the Python Web Modules, Bricks framework, Python Database Connectivity and SnakeSQL software.



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Hackzor - An Online Programming Contest (OPC) Judge written in python

This Online Programming Contest Judge is a highly modular program. It uses the Django Web framework for a web frontend. Colleges (Universities) around the world create and host `Online Programming Contests', in which participants can send the code (in different languages) for a problem hosted, to the server, which in turn evaluates the program and informs the user regarding its validity. The idea of a Judge is not only to verify the code, but also to report the memory usage, execution time, and

Webyarara - Framework de desarrollo web

¿Que es yarará?Yarará es un framework de desarrollo web, open source, que esta desarrollado en Python. Respeta el Patrón Model View Controller (MVC). Nos independizamos de la Base de Datos con un wrapper. En un principio, yarará soportó solo Elixir y SqlObject como wrapper. Hoy en su nueva versión fue rediseñado por completo para ajustarse tanto a Base de Datos Relacionales como otros. Entre esos "otros" esta el modelo de datos de google app engine. ¿Por que usar yarará?Aquí podrían

minpy - ????PythonWeb???? ??

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xweb - ????python???Web????


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Python/Django website

pythonweb - my python web learn

my python web learn

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