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PythonQt is a dynamic and lightweight script binding of the Qt framework to the Python language. It can be easily embedded into Qt applications and makes any QObject derived object scriptable via Python without the need of wrapper code generation.



Related Projects

Epanet-linux - Multiplataform Epanet software

Este proyecto busca portar epanet a la plataforma GNU/Linux utilizando tecnologias como Python-Qt4, para soporta otras plataformas como MacOS. Actualmente estamos unidos al proyecto openagro.

Basil-framework - python QT testsuite framework

GUI testsuite framework base on python+QT, cross platform, unify unit test case interface, easy to extend, detail design document, unlimited plugins add.

Htpc-controller - Allows to control HTPC using IR remote controller

HTPC ControllerDescriptionAllows to control HTPC based on linux using IR remote control. Instead of setting lirc configuration for each application, set one configuration for HTPC Controller and let it to control your applications. You can send keystrokes to focused windows, run other applications (eg. mplayer for online radio, screensaver, ...), run any command you want (eg. reboot, halt, volume control, ...) and whatever you want. How to set it upFirst step is install python-lirc, python-qt4 a

Buildext - a framework for building external dependencies

Contains a set of generic Python scripts for building (c++) external dependencies. Contains a set of scripts for building specific libraries like: boostcal3dcollada-domcurlffmpegfreeglutfreetypeftglgifglewhdf4hdf5jomjpeglibiconvlibxml2lokiminizipoccodeopensslosgosgcalpcrepngpolymerpyqt4pythonqt4qtpropertybrowserqwtqwt5sipswigtcltktiffzlibcmakeipythonapiextractorgeneratorrunnershibokenpysideShort Description Many projects use different build systems. These build system often require different com

Caddd - 3D cross platform CAD system

CADDD (the three D's represent 3D) aims to be a 3D open source cross platform CAD system. It is currently in its infancy. Building block programs will be hosted here to aid in the journey to the final product. Update: The bulk of all required technologies have been integrated together in The OpenCASCADE Challenge! Feel free to download and try it out. Utilized Libraries: Python 2.6.5 (Programming Language) OpenCASCADE 6.3 (Modelling/Visualization) PYTHONOCC 0.4 (Python OpenCASCADE Bindings) Qt 4


PyQSum: Yet another [md5|sha[1|224|256|384|512]]sum. written in Python/Qt


sMovieDB is a free software which will keep your movie database clean and ordered on a quick simple way. Manage genres, categories, types of films, etc. Developed in Python+Qt with MySQL or SQLite database for KDE desktop

Pyedi - very simple but powerful text editor written in Python

This is very easy to use programmer's editor written in Python. QScintilla is used as text edit component. This makes the editor customizable simply by editing it's source code (one Python script). pyedi is not dedicated just for writing Python scripts. You can easily edit any text file. Even if you have some exotic file format, it is easy to define new syntax highlighting style and syntax check. Featuresvery short start time, one pure Python script, multiple documents editing, syntax highlighti

Isoftman-ebox - 带mail功能的网络U盘客户端

ebox:Implementation of this program uses PyQt. [Python+Qt] Function: management files, photos on mail server. 2, manage your multiple email accounts. 3, IM. With it, you can contact with your friends to send instant messages and share photos. 4, management, blog, photo album, Web flash drive 您是�是�天都在为多个email之间�回登录而烦�,邮件客户端越�越庞大,�置 越�越��,核心功能�一,在这个背景下,我想到了开�一款�巧,易用