Python Date Utilities

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Python module to convert dates between different calendar systems (Gregorian, Julian, ISO, Hebrew, Islamic, Mayan, Indian Civil, Baha'i, Persian, French Republican). Additionally, a module exists for retrieving the Gergorian dates for US holidays



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This projects collects some simple scripts and examples using the Google Spreadsheets Data APIs and Google Calendar Data APIs client libraries for Python. The main goal is to collect and publish small snippets of code that, if not completely general and ready to use, remain simple enoguh (and hopefully well documented) to be adapted to you own needs. The code in this project is based on Python version 2.6.1 gdata-python-client version 1.3 python-dateutil 1.4.1 (for the calendar part) and has bee

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FeaturesProvides the [ QuerySet] method times which returns a list of all available dates of a particular kind within the contents of the QuerySet. Eg. #!/usr/bin/python#models.pyclass Vote(models.Model) created_at = models.DateTimeField() objects = TimesQuerySetManager() ...# console>>> Vote.objects.all().times(field=created_at)[(datetime.datetime(2008, 9, 23, 0, 58), 1), (datetime.datetime(2008, 9, 23, 1, 16), 2), (datetime.datetime(200

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python-dateutils - Utilities for working with datetime objects.

Utilities for working with datetime objects.

python-dateutil - fork



Useful extensions to the standard Python datetime features. This repo tracks the upstream and also contains fixes/patches from