Python Windows CE port

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Python port for Windows CE (Pocket PC) devices. Intended to be as close to desktop version as possible (console, current directory support, testsuite passed).



Related Projects


Elmer is a tool which embeds a Python module into a C, C++, or Tcl application. The embedded Python module is used just as if it was written in the same language as the application itself, without requiring any knowledge of the Python/C API.

PyCXX Python-C++ Connection

PyCXX is a set of classes to help create extensions of Python in the C++ language. The first part encapsulates the Python C API taking care of exceptions and ref counting. The second part supports the building of Python extension modules in C++.

Pilce - Python Imaging Library for PythonCE

The Python Imaging Library for PythonCE (PILce) is a working port of Python Imaging Library (PIL) on Wince platform. It provides almost all features of the original PIL, except some that do not work on wince.

Py-orbit - Python/C++ implementation of the ORBIT (Objective Ring Beam Injection and Tracking) code

PyORBIT is a Python/C++ implementation of the ORBIT (Objective Ring Beam Injection and Tracking) code. PyORBIT software is an open environment for simulations of diverse physical processes related to particle accelerators. The original ORBIT has the Super Code driver shell which is replaced by Python in PyORBIT. At this moment only few capabilities of the original ORBIT are implemented.

Castorejit - Just another multi JIT

Another JIT compiler which aims: to perform compilation pipeline to allow many bytecode and code to be executed (java bytecode, CIL, pythonc, ...) to allow the use of different machine code generator to enhance program execution via strong code optimization to work on different processor and OS print "Hello, Castore!"

Talismanppc - talisman jabber bot for PocketPC

talisman+neutron (combined)is a jabber bot written in python (changes by planb) install instructions: make sure you have pythonCE installed on your device ,support ppc (pocketpc) and windows mobile smartphones. pythonCE Is hosted at .before running the bot please read the README. (will run on any OS that has Python 2.x and up). Now with A.L.I.C.E chat bot and AIML support! for queries on changes ,how to run the bot or suggestions visit: or add

Backstage - Support libraries for games

Backstage (working title) is a suite of C++ libraries designed to support the development of computer games. It implements some little exciting but very important aspects of professional game developement that is often neglected by hobbist and less experienced developers until it's too late. The suite will eventually be comprised of the following libraries:* memo : memory manager and profiler* rez : resource manager and packager* debug : debug and inspection infrastructure* py : python/c++ bindi


A shopping list application for mobile devices written in python; requires PPyGUI and PythonCE .


PyeditCE is a IDE and Form Designer for the PythonCE language on Windows CE and Windows Mobile devices. To work properly, must have Tcl/Tk for Windows CE along with PythonCE language. Will output Tkinter code for GUI.

Ctypes-stuff - Several small modules, somehow ctypes related

This project contains small ctypes related modules: - A remote Python console for Windows CE (useable). The WindowsCE device must be connected with ActiveSync. The PythonConsole-1.0.exe is a binary built with Python 2.5 and py2exe. - A C code parser in Python (not usable yet)