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A small set of routines for reading of archives 3ds, support for animations , textures and collision detect, compatible with pyopengl and pygame.



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Open Asset Import Library

Importer library to import assets from different common 3D file formats such as Collada, Blend, Obj, X, 3DS, LWO, MD5, MD2, MD3, MDL, MS3D and a lot of other formats. The data is stored in an own in-memory data-format, which can be easily processed.

Pymax - Integration of Python and PyQt into 3ds max

PyMax is originally developed by Blur Studio as Py3dsMax. But, Py3dsMax and other tools are not opened since 03/29/2010. Then we decide to maintain by own. OMFG...Blur guy is back!! That's very good news for artists. We will survey latest Py3dsMax and decide what we do ;-) How to InstallDownload archive, extract and copy blurQT.dlx and pymax.dlx to plugins directory set PATH and PYTHONPATH environment variable to python and Qt directory like: launch 3ds max have a fun!! !!!!NOTICE!!!! 3ds max 20

Pycbds - Linux pdf/cbr/cbz/rar/zip (or image directory) to cbds converter.

The Nintendo DS doesn't have enough resources to read PDF files. It can however read CBR-like files using a homebrew program called Comic Book DS. Since Comic Book DS uses its unique file format—ComicBookDS, identified by the CBDS extension—it is necessary to pair it with a converter program. PictoDS is one such utility, a Java-based GUI tool capable of transforming CBR, CBZ, ZIP and RAR files into the CBDS format, it is the de facto tool for creating CBDS files. Since I had some problems ge

Mymr - MYMR - MySQL Master Rotate

Why MIMRMySQL does not officially support the configuration of multiple masters. This means that building a star topology requires us to take some extra steps in order to avoid collisions and rotating between the different servers. How It Works Server Server \\ / \\ / [ DS ] / \\ A sample 5-nodes star topology / \\ Server ServerThe distribution server (DS) is the server which operates at the center of the star. While all other servers are permanently receiving updates from the DS, the DS rotates

Awd - Away3D Data file format

The AWD projectThis Google Code project contains the open specification and open-source tool-chain for the second generation AWD file format. The format is currently under development, and public beta is expected alongside Away3D 4.0 in early 2011. The tool-chain so far comprises the following components, all of which are currently in development: libawd: A C++ library to (greatly) simplify encoding of AWD files PyAWD: A Python toolkit, offering a pythonic way to work with AWD files. Can be comp

Blur-dev - Blur Studio API's, Libraries and Tools

4.25.2012 - Installer OverhaulOverhaul of the installer to simplify the install experience. It now checks for the proper installs of python and pywin32 and if not found it will install them. It will select the installed versions of 3dsMax by default, and default to the correct install location. It now patches pywin32 to work with xsi. Removed the installers for Qt-Dev and Classmaker, this drops about 88 megs from the installer size. These installers will be provided separately. Unified the vario

Dictset - A specialized Python container datatype for managing collections of sets.

General DescriptionThe basic Python container types (dict, list, set, and tuple) are extremely versatile and powerful. The collections module first implemented in Python 2.4 has shown that sub-classing these containers can yield elegant solutions to the right problem. In a similar vein this project is a dict subclass for elegantly handling collections of sets. In many aspects a DictSet is similiar to a defaultdict of sets except it generalizes many of the set operations to the dict. Put simply,

Python-on-a-chip - p14p for short.

Welcome! Python-on-a-Chip (p14p) is a project to develop a reduced Python virtual machine (codenamed PyMite) that runs a significant subset of the Python language on microcontrollers without an OS. The other parts of p14p are the device drivers, high-level libraries and other tools. Please join the python-on-a-chip google group to discuss this project. Latest news: 2011/09/26 Mentioned on Leaf Labs blog and then Hack-a-day 2011/03/24 Maillist membership surpasses 256. 2011/03/12 PyCon 2011 Light

Nothing-at-all - relax…… Just my toys.

仅仅是我写的一些�工具…… 009. DsCache(这个版�是BSD的哦) PHP缓存�件, 支�文件缓存�内存缓存(php-memcached)�生���HTML; 当然很容易扩展啦~ 008. wp-tao.tar.bz2 Wordpress的淘客�件, �以把淘客代�分解�推广链接�图片�标题等,并写入自定义字段中� 007. rewrite.tar.bz2 \t 批�英文文章近义�替�PHP脚本(数�库版

Maxcinema - commanline tools for online movies and series services

¿ Que es maxcinema ?Intenta ser un conjunto de herramientas para linea de comandos, dedicadas a la descarga de series y peliculas desde servicios online tales como, y cualquier otro. DetallesLas caracteristicas principales deseables son: Listado de series/peliculas disponibles Obtencion de informacion de las misma Obtencion de los enlaces de descargas Descargas en batch de series por temporadas Reproduccion automatica Interfaz de usuario (Gui), reutilizando las herramien