Python X Library

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The Python X Library is a complete X11R6 client-side implementation, written in pure Python. It can be used to write low-levelish X Windows client applications in Python.



Related Projects

Pyxlib-ctypes - Pure Python Xlib wrapper using ctypes

IntroductionPure Python Xlib wrapper using ctypes module, and providing lowest level access to library. External Links

Jkeys - simple joystick to keys app

Translate joystick axis/buttons to xserver key pushes Note: you will need to install python-xlib and python-pygame first in ubuntu sudo apt-get install python-xlib python-pygame

Voidwm - voidWM is a new window manager written in python using the plwm library

voidWM is a new tiling window manager written in python, using the plwm library requirementspython-xlib (tested with 0.15_rc1) plwm (tested with svn version) dmenu for calling extern apps

Pytyping - A Python program for typing sounds on Linux

PyTyping is a Linux program that plays sounds when typing; by default, typewriter sounds. I wrote this because I couldn't find a comparable application for Linux, while it was available on Windows and Mac. PyTyping can be used as auditory feedback for touch typing, or just because it sounds cool! It is based off pyxhook, and requires python-xlib and gstreamer (see README for full dependency information).

Samurai-x - a pure python window manager for X

A work in progress window manager written in pure python. Current Features: virtual desktops focus stack window maximisation/moving/resizing cairo drawn widgets/window decorations user configuration probably more... you'll have to check it out! Work on the current version has been halted. We are now ~looking to write~ writing an xcb based window manager. samurai-x is written entirely in python using ctypes. The xlib module is from and the cairo module is generated by pyglet too

Htpc-controller - Allows to control HTPC using IR remote controller

HTPC ControllerDescriptionAllows to control HTPC based on linux using IR remote control. Instead of setting lirc configuration for each application, set one configuration for HTPC Controller and let it to control your applications. You can send keystrokes to focused windows, run other applications (eg. mplayer for online radio, screensaver, ...), run any command you want (eg. reboot, halt, volume control, ...) and whatever you want. How to set it upFirst step is install python-lirc, python-qt4 a

Neap - notification area (systray) pager

neap is a neat pager unintrusive and light (cpu / aestetic) that runs in the notification area (i.e. systray) of your panel. neap follows freedesktop specifications. neap Featuresuser-friendly: left-click switches to corresponding desktop advanced functionality: right-click opens context menu with advanced desktop selector full customization: normal / highlight / background color, padding, spacing and grid layout freely configurable easy to customize: config file support and command line switche

Pywo - Python Window Organizer

PyWO - Python Window OrganizerIntroductionPyWO allows you to easily organize windows on the desktop using keyboard shortcuts. It's inspired by Quicktile, Compiz plugins: Grid, Put, and Maximumize. Features:Move window in any direction and snap it to other windows' edges Resize (expand or shrink) window in any direction Place window in predefined places on the desktop Use grid-like layout (place window and cycle predefined sizes) Switch windows' positions Highly customizable Watch PyWO in action

Hotel-kilo - Broadcasting on Your Local Network

AboutHotel Kilo is a proof of concept network aware keylogger compatible with both Windows and Linux. Hotel Kilo can transmit keystrokes via UDP broadcast to an attacker on the local network or via TCP to a remote server. Provides real-time feedback UDP broadcast bypasses most software firewalls Doesn't require administrative privileges by default. Can optionally be installed as a Windows Service (Requires Admin Privs) Future PlansSSL Support for TCP Stego for UDP (Fake Printer Requests?) Platfo

Key-mon - Keyboard Status Monitor

Keyboard Status Monitor (key-mon) Utility to show live keyboard and mouse status for teaching and screencasts. --theme=apple, cool new theme. --smaller parameter: --larger parameter: --scale=2.0, and --meta parameter (for 'Windows' key), and mouse turned off through menu. You can show multiple presses (here up to 2) by using --old-keys. Here I pressed 'Y', 'Y', 'P', which means something in vi. --nomouse --old-keys 2: --sticky Support for sticky keys --only_combo Show only combination keys like