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Python Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) library The python-mms library provides an quot;mmsquot; module for Python, consisting of classes that facilitate the creation, manipulation and encoding/decoding of MMS messages used in mobile phones.



Related Projects

Bitpim - Access CDMA phones using Python

BitPim is a program that allows you to view and manipulate data on many CDMA phones from LG, Samsung, Sanyo and other manufacturers. This includes the PhoneBook, Calendar, WallPapers, RingTones (functionality varies by phone) and the Filesystem for most Qualcomm CDMA chipset based phones.

[GW]ammu - Talk to any phone

Gammu and Wammu provides support to talk to any phone using standard API provided by libGammu. The most popular and widely used in various phones which includes Nokia, Siemens, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Alcatel. It provides support to send and receive SMS and MMS, Calendar, Contacts, backup SMS etc.


PySpy lets Nokia phones S60 series with camera be able to detect motion and send photo via e-mail or mms or simply notify via missed call or sms.

Pymms4app - MMS for apllication python API

These APIs allow sending and receiving MMS through applicationg using MM7 protocol. API covers Ericsson ACA1/ACA3 and 3GPP specification.

Pymm7 - MM7 interface based on python

Implement MM7 interface using Python

Nbutil - Nokia backup file utilities, including parser, viewer and extractor for your Nokia phone ba

Nokia backup file utilities, including parser, viewer and extractor for your Nokia phone backup files. With NBUtil, you can view and extract all your contacts, SMS and MMS in your Nokia phone backup files. Usage Install Python3 from Open command line and issue following command python <nbu_file_name> That's all. You will see all your contacts have been saved to VCard files and a csv file.

Tankwatch - Phone based aquarium power failure warning application

TankWatch is a simple Python for S60 script that will detect when the phone goes off and on charger. If the phone is plugged into the same power supply as your fish tank, it can warn of power failures. You can also SMS the tankwatch phone from another phone and it will take a picture using the phone's camera and MMS the photo back. Follow the instructions below (Note, instructions NOT tested yet, apologies.): Download and install Python for the S60 at SourceForge

Cellshell - A shell prompt on PC for mobile phones

CellShell is a shell prompt on your PC that gives you commands to access your mobile phone's functionality via mediums like bluetooth. Functionality includes syncing of contacts, messages, sending and receiving messages etc. Development work has just started and currently discovering and using cell phones (s60 platform) and sending smses is supported.

Skyexplorer - It is a file manager for Symbian S60 phone written in Python

What is Sky Explorer? It is a file manager for Symbian S60 phone, (2nd & 3rd edition supported) similar to FExplorer, a freeware which I recommend. It is written in Python using PythonS60 developed by Nokia, and is open source. (In fact, this is my 1st open source project) It features all basic file operations like: navigation and file display cut, copy, paste, rename, delete, search sending files via bluetooth, email, mms. Additionally, it supports zip archive and extract screenshot application