Python IRC client library

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This project includes an event-driven IRC client framework written in Python, as well as an object-oriented wrapper class and some example programs.



Related Projects

Arkivo - Arkvio - IRC archive

Arkivo is built using TurboGears and python-irclib. You can see the current version running at

Pyxdcc - A python xdcc downloader

pyxdcc is a small, lightweight python script that provides a command-line interface for quickly downloading a file via xdcc over irc.

Stan-pybot - python irc bot with the dream to have true or simi AI

stan-pybot is an python program being made to better improve the idea of bots on irc the project is aimed to create an bot that can manage channels and even hold conversations and can gather info from many places ie: shoutcast,google,yahoo,wiki to better improve the usability it also well use wxpython files needed irclib ircbot Twisted pyaiml Optional Files well be two versions. one console and other wxpython. xpython all open source

Pennpyrcbot - A python based chat bot.

The aim of PyRCBot is to attempt some basic Natural Language Processing. PyRCBot will receive input and respond through IRC. By combining the theory behind basic NLP with network functionality, we plan to develop a chat bot that can hold up a conversation with one to many humans. To achieve this, we first need to study some of the concepts in NLP. Using that, we will continue to refine the bot's ability to "understand" English. Once it is able to derive some meaning from its input text, it will

Polybot - Translation bot for Internet Relay Chat

Polybot is an IRC bot written in Python, the purpose of which is to provide a unified interface for many online dictionaries. Bot includes modules for crawling,, and This means that words can be translated from English to Spanish, German, Swedish, Esperanto and vice-versa.


It'll be a client written in python, probably using anygui and irclib. It will definately use an event based model. One of the key features will be the ability for a handler to mutate one event into another, allowing ry from #python on irc.openpr

Pyirclogs - An IRC Logging Bot created in Python!

A Python script that will log an IRC room; it will record everything said, including joins, parts, mode, and topic changes. Requires Python IRCLib, sudo apt-get install python-irclib on Ubuntu, and should be similar on most other distributions of GNU/Linux. For Windows, "easy_install irclib". (or simply grab IRClib from the downloads section) Instructions of how to use: 1) Edit the script, to fill in the values "network", "nick", "password", etc. 2) Make sure irclib is installed (if it isn't ins

Meatballbot - A multi channel multi network irc bot where each channel is completely independant and

Meatballbot is written in python using python-irclib for irc communications and MySQLdb for mysql queries. The system is capable of running on hundreds or thousands of seperate channels on dozens of networks. Each channel has independant variables stored in the database. These include the features to use and not to use, the bot call symbol, users and their access levels, and stored information about each feature such as factoids and game scores. Channel data does not effect any other channels.

Tacticalmap - A tactical map in Python

A tactical map in Python for a browser-based MMORPG. Updates the map in real-time with the game's API, and send orders via IRC. Uses PyAMF, irclib and PyQt.