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A python binding for the iptables tools. The binding allows direction manipulation of the iptables through an object oriented and transaction based manner. The binding removes the need to call iptable on the command line in python applications.



Related Projects

Araci - Agent for Anomaly checker

An agent that is written for sending and receving from an anomaly checker and add rules to the iptables.

Dyniptables - Iptables filter rules for dinamic ip hosts

Dyniptables is a python script to make a filter rules for iptables based on dynamic IP Host. You only need to configure a host and domain name, run the script and it add a firewall rule at the input chain.

Log-watcher - Generates graphs based on iptables reject logs to easily spot the most interesting act

NAME log-watcher -- generates graphs based on iptables reject logs to easily spot the most interesting activity in a local network Currently, 2 graphs are available: - number of unique source-destination flows for each port - number of unique sources which attempt to access each destination USAGE python <iptables_filename> <eps_filename> [<title>] Example: python iptables.07292006 test.eps 'Port activity - July 29, 2006' The output will be in test.eps and test-dst.e

Insrule - Listen to a port and then add the message as a rule to the iptables ruleset

This is a simple program that listens a port and then take the message that includes only the source and destination ip and add these ips as accepted to the ruleset.

Abyle-firewall - Abyle Firewall Script (abyle-firewall)

Abyle Firewall Script (abyle-firewall) the abyle iptables script is one of a million iptables scripts arround the internet, it was developed for fun and learning some python basics. the configurion and rules are stored in xml files within an hierarchically per interface directory structure. most people will say "what .. for?" especially if they look at the not very straight xml syntax of the rules file, we have to answer: "just for fun" that's our purpose. :)

Sshwatch - Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) for ssh, linux, iptables, python.

Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) for ssh (default port 22), this IPS responds to the suspicious activity by setting the linux firewall (iptables) to block network traffic from the suspected malicious source. Suspicious activity is determined via auth or security logs. This IPS is linux only, using iptables, and thus must be run as root. thresh = (number of seconds between consecutive attempts) attempts = (number of consecutive attempts) clear = (number of seconds elapsed to clear active source

Nstat - simple internet billing system

Internet billing system, using mod_python for display statistycs and manage accounts, and shell script to manage iptables rules. I've create this set of scripts for self use, and it is not very stable. Web interface and documentation are in Russian only.

Kapici - Iptables Web Management Tool

That tool is a web management interface for Iptables firewall. It was written in Python and uses the power of Django web framework. Its status is stable and also there are lots of parts to be imporved. We are looking for contributors :) The devel list is. --- NOTE --- When i start contributing new projects i first look at its revision number to see how active is. However in kapici the case is different i wasnt using revision control system while i developed it. (Yep

Firewall-admin - Transparent Linux Content Filter

Web content filter that uses iptables to block both http and https requests. Note that this project is not being actively developed, so use at your own risk. It has been successfully used in a school district with hundreds of computers. It worked beautifully there, but your mileage may vary. Anyone interested in actively maintaining this project please don't hesitate to contact the project administrators. FeaturesSimple to install: put your dedicated firewall computer between your router and LAN

A Python script that parses and mails ipchains, iptables and snort logfiles into the DSHIELD format for submission to