Python Foundry

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The Python programming language is an object-oriented scripting and rapid application development language.



Related Projects

3dc-applink - 3D-Coat AppLink plugins for CG apps

3D-Coat AppLink plugins (written in python if it's supported by the host app) for 3D/2D CG software, such as Luxology modo, Newtek LightWave, eyeon Fusion, The Foundry Nuke,... and hopefully others soon!

Batchmodifier - Panel for nuke

I'm developing a panel for nuke. The panel will contain diferent tools specially designed for the artist that doesn't have coding knowledge.

Xadownloader - Extensible content Downloader for DeviantArt, and similar web galleries

Simple GUI Framework and plugins for downloading art from various art-sharing websites. Note: Many of the sites that this tool supports are adult-oriented, or even completely adult-only. If you have a problem with this fact, just go somewhere else. No one wants to hear about your pornophobia. Currently supports: DeviantArt FurAffinity hArtists (Dead) HentaiFoundry Partial support for downloading webcomics from DrunkDuck (Work in progress) Requires: Python 2.6 WxWidgets Documentation

Spinnaker - Global Continuous Delivery

Spinnaker is an open source, multi-cloud continuous delivery platform for releasing software changes with high velocity and confidence. It helps codify the process of safely and reliably deploying artifacts to the cloud. It can deploy across multiple cloud providers: AWS EC2, Google Compute Engine, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack and Cloud Foundry.

miramira - Google Glass Sample App written during Glass Foundry

Google Glass Sample App written during Glass Foundry

cf-check-apps - Check your CloudFoundry apps

Check your CloudFoundry apps