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The Python programming language is an object-oriented scripting and rapid application development language.



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Related Projects

3dc-applink - 3D-Coat AppLink plugins for CG apps

3D-Coat AppLink plugins (written in python if it's supported by the host app) for 3D/2D CG software, such as Luxology modo, Newtek LightWave, eyeon Fusion, The Foundry Nuke,... and hopefully others soon!

Batchmodifier - Panel for nuke

I'm developing a panel for nuke. The panel will contain diferent tools specially designed for the artist that doesn't have coding knowledge.

Xadownloader - Extensible content Downloader for DeviantArt, and similar web galleries

Simple GUI Framework and plugins for downloading art from various art-sharing websites. Note: Many of the sites that this tool supports are adult-oriented, or even completely adult-only. If you have a problem with this fact, just go somewhere else. No one wants to hear about your pornophobia. Currently supports: DeviantArt FurAffinity hArtists (Dead) HentaiFoundry Partial support for downloading webcomics from DrunkDuck (Work in progress) Requires: Python 2.6 WxWidgets Documentation

miramira - Google Glass Sample App written during Glass Foundry

Google Glass Sample App written during Glass Foundry

cf-check-apps - Check your CloudFoundry apps

Check your CloudFoundry apps


An auto discovery and loading script for The Foundry's Nuke Compositing Application.