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Python bindings for the Evas canvas.



Related Projects

Python-jewels - Simple yet interesting python programs

Interesting programs in 'plain and simple' Python !No exotic graphics library - simple scripts in Python 2.X.XList of programs: Taxicab Numbers Check for Palindromes Checks for validity of Fermat's last theorem Compares the contents of 2 lists Dealing cards Walle & Eva

Esnippets - Enlightenment code snippets

Many small self-containing example applications written in python using e's libraries (edje, elementary, etc) focusing on a particular feature (scrolling, swallowing, etc). For sourcecode access, please go to:

Django-minlis - Minute Listener is a background thread that runs specific methods at a specific time

MinLis, or Minute Listener, runs saved events at a scheduled time. It works as a background thread that wakes up every 60 seconds. It checks the database for any events scheduled to run, fires those events, and goes back to sleep. The events are django models saved to the database. They store the scheduled time to run and how often to repeat (if at all). So far there are two type of events, events that can run a method on a model (using generics) and events that run a string through python's eva

Chemopy - Development of chemoinformatics using python

The project aims at developing a chemoinformatics package by python. The following works are progressing ......1: A large number of molecular descriptors are being generated, including constitutional, topological structural, topological chemical, geometrical, CPSA, charges, quantum chemical, molecular properties, etc. Currently, about 1000 molecular descriptors can be computed by cheopy. 2: A large number of molecular fingerprint or fragments can be calcualted by chemopy, such as FP2, FP4, MACCS

pong - simple pong game using EFL (Evas + Ecore + Emotion + Edje)

simple pong game using EFL (Evas + Ecore + Emotion + Edje)

eva - Intelligent IRC bot

Intelligent IRC bot

eva - Jabber conference logging bot

Jabber conference logging bot


SImple python script to convert LDIF file to a VCard 3.0