Python Docs in Bulgarian

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Effort to translate Python documentation in Bulgarian (starting with Python Tutorial).



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Sofiapt - Realtime bus info in Sofia, BG

Appengine application for showing realtime bus info in Sofia, BG

Dgat-bg - DailyGammon Alternative Tournaments

DGat is a place where people using the DailyGammon website to play alternative backgammon tournaments. At this site there is no need to report winning or losing of a game. This is done automatically, a few times a day.


BgChanger is a simple set of python scripts adding wallpaper rotation functionality to gnome. It is designed to be *simple* above all else. No complicated menus or options. Add images and change options for bgchanger via terminal or included gui.

Presentex - Equation-generator for presentations and posters

presentex is a command-line tool that allows users to easily produce high-quality, colourful equations with LaTeX for use in presentations, etc. It is written in Python and uses LaTeX, dvips, and imagemagick. It should run on Linux/UNIX/Mac systems (not sure about Windows), provided the appropriate software packages are installed. USAGE: from the command line $ presentex 'latex equation in quotes' options Options are: -f -fg --foreground: Foreground (text) colour, reported as 'r,g,b' (quotes are

Skybluetero - 802.11b/g packet airtime consumption analyzer GUI for Linux

SkyBlueTeroanalyzes tcpdump or wireshark captures and plots the airtime consumption of the filtered packets (using wireshark expressions). Some of its features: Plotting results using matplotlib, allows to save the plot as an image. Multiple plot styles Save/Load filter expressions Export results to CSV Many, many others to come... Screenshots:

Python-google-translator - Python Google translator

Introduction ¶ py-googletranslator build with language python.using api key for procces of can see the documentation api key in here Usage : [List of lenguage ]>/=/==========================================================\\=\\ || ||||Afrikaans =[af] Haitian C =[ht] Serbian =[sr] ||||Albaniaan =[sq] Hebrew =[iw] Slovak =[sk] ||||Arabic =[ar] Hindi =[hi] Slovenian =[sl] ||||Belarusian =[be] Hungarian =[hu] Spanish =[es] || ||Bulgarian =[bg] Icelandic =[is] Swahili =[sw] ||||Catal

Lineclock - Desktop clock in form of line

SummaryLineClock - desktop clock shaped in the form of line LineClock uses representation of time as a straight line. Sometimes it's handy to see what event would take place in half an hour as a point on time line. And here it is. Events may be set by clicking on time line or by editing them in a dialog. RequirementsPython 2.5+ ( PyGTK 2.12+ ( pynotify ( Also some console audio player is needed to play alarm sound. aplay or mplayer

Pixiclock - PixiClock is tiny desktop clock widget for true geeks.

What is it?PixiClock is tiny desktop clock widget for true geeks. It use original pixi-icons instead digits and show ordinary digits only as hint, when mouse comes over. You can get more information about pixi-culture, and view more pixi "urods". FeaturesExcentric and ascetic design Build-in alarm clock Snap-to-border support Hints Flexible control by external applications Skins Easy installation and configuration InstallationRequirementsYou need: Python Python Tk extension You can check it by c

Pygn - working with Portable Game Notation files

Simple program written in Python for working with Portable Game Notation files which are used for storing and sharing information about chess games. Screenshot: There is an issue with quality of images. Portable Game Notation (PGN) is a computer-processible format for recording chess games (both the moves and related data); many chess programs recognize this extremely popular format due to its accessibility by ordinary ASCII editors, including word processors capable of importing and exporting p

Syncless - asynchronous client and server library using Stackless Python

Syncless is a non-blocking (asynchronous) concurrent client and server socket network communication library for Stackless Python 2.6 (and also for regular Python with greenlet). For high speed, Syncless uses libev (and libevent) for event notification, and parts of Syncless' code is implemented in Pyrex/Cython and C. This alone makes Syncless faster than many other non-blocking network libraries for Python. Syncless contains an asynchronous DNS resolver (using evdns) and a HTTP server capable of