pyst: Python for Asterisk

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Pyst consists of a set of interfaces and libraries to allow programming of Asterisk from python. The library currently supports AGI, AMI, and the parsing of Asterisk configuration files. The library also includes debugging facilities for AGI. 2013-05-29: Maintainers of github fork quot;pyst2quot; contacted to join forces. Note that the last release here fixes the same bug as on github, otherwise github version seems to only contain cosmetic changes and examples. 2012-07-06: An offer to maintain the project has been received. 2012-01-29: There have been two or three forks that are being maintained. This is now just history unless someone cares to take up maintenance here.



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pyst - Pyst - Python for Asterisk

Pyst - Python for Asterisk

pyst - Fork of the pyst library.

Fork of the pyst library.


A fork of the famous python pyst library for Asterisk.

pyst - Python Statistics

Python Statistics

pyste - A simple pastebin powered by flask and pygments

A simple pastebin powered by flask and pygments