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The pySpec project is a set of data analysis routines written in python for analysis of x-ray diffraction data produced by the SPEC X-Ray Diffraction and Data Acquisition software.



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Behavior Driven Development Framework for Python. PySpec has following specialty. * Many kind of verification methods. * More concrete error messages. * Use decorators to define spec. * Data driven test(@data_provider). * Mock Objects included. * CUI & GUI spec runner(wxPython)


a script that allows using pyspec BDD framework in django applications

pyspecs - Minimalistic BDD in Python

Minimalistic BDD in Python

pyspec - Behavior Driven Development Framework for Python

Behavior Driven Development Framework for Python


Read pyspec is a set of python routines for data analysis of x-ray scattering experiments. It started out as a data class for the SPEC x-ray diffractometer control program ( but since then has morphed into a suite of python classes for data analysis. This has lead to the “bacronym” for pyspec being “python routines for x-ray spectra analysis”.