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Pyshell is a cross platform shell environment, designed to blend a modern shell with the power of Python.



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Juicedpyshell - This Python Firefox Shell Mashup lets you automate Firefox browser using python scri

The Juiced Python Firefox Shell lets you automate a browser using python scripts. It requires that the pyxpcomext extension be installed. It is useful for browser automation, including automated testing of web sites. It makes it easy to do screen scraping and html manipulation using Python. This project is a fork of the pyShell project. You can find the original pyShell in the pyxpcomext examples. Documentation is available here IntroductionJuiced PyShell is a Python shell that you can install i

Wxmaya - a python module to make easier the integration of wxWidgets UI into Autodesk Maya software.

A python module to make easier the integration of wxWidgets UI into Autodesk Maya software. wxmaya takes care of integrate wxWidgets inside maya, making possible to use simple wxPython code with Maya to develop better and more os native user interfaces. wxmaya takes care of make sure wxWidget threads are in sync with maya environment, avoiding problems like crashing and UI accessibility lost. As a sample, wxmaya brings pyshell into maya, adding a nice and fast python shell with syntax-coloring a

Spinmob - cross-platform scientific data handling, analysis, and quick plotting with pylab

IntroductionSpinmob is a scientific data analysis and plotting package I wrote during graduate school to move past expensive, buggy, poorly-documented programs like Origin, weaker programs like Excel, and fancy programs with a clunky environment like Matlab (which also gave me some trouble). The main features are forgiving and user-friendly data class for importing and crunching a wide variety of ASCII data files heaps of higher-level automated plotting functionality based on matplotlib interact

Priithon - python based image analysis and algorithm development

PriithonPriithon is a platform for image analysis and image analysis algorithm development. While the focus here is on algorithm development, it makes it very easy to develop applications that would not require any programming skills, i.e. making "end user" biologist's or astronomer's applications. Priithon is easy to install: download a single zip archive and unpack. (It requires Python to be installed. More info is on the PriithonWiki.) Target audienceWhile Priithon is mainly used (by myself)

Kiva-python - Python lib to access the Kiva API

The goal of this project is to provide simple access to the Kiva API. >>> import Kiva>>> latest = Kiva.getNewestLoans()# All normal list methods work on the results.# Grab the first result:>>> l = latest[0]# The data will work just like a normal dictionary.>>> l.keys()['status', 'funded_amount', 'use', 'posted_date', 'basket_amount', 'name', 'sector', 'image', 'borrower_count', 'loan_amount', 'location', 'activity', 'partner_id', 'id', 'description']>>> l['status']u'fundraising'# I prefer object

Pythonext - Python XPCOM extension

Python ExtensionThis project provides Python Mozilla bindings (PyXPCOM) that enables Python to be used inside of Mozilla applications like Firefox, Thunderbird and XULRunner. The Python bindings are wrapped up in an extension (XPI file) so that users can easily install Pythonext just like any other Mozilla/Firefox extension. CompatibilityFirefox 6 (and XULRunner 6) - use pythonext version 6 from the downloads area Firefox 5 (and XULRunner 5) - use pythonext version 5 from the downloads area Fire

Pyxmlcheck - XML validation tool for Python

xcheck 0.4.4 -- Tools for validating XML in Python xcheck is used to validate xml in Python. No other code is required. XCheck objects can: use different rules to determine the content of XML elements validate ordered and unordered elements xcheck objects are callable, and can check: real data strings that represent real data ElementTree.Element objects Text representing an ElementTree.Element object There are a few rules about the assumptions xcheck uses. xcheck is designed to validate XML-Data

Ulipad - python editor based on wxPython

What is UliPadUlipad is a wxPython powered, programmer oriented and flexible editor. It has many features such as class browser, code auto-complete, html viewer, directory browser, wizard and many others. The most interesting and distinctive feature is the use of mixin technique which makes Ulipad an easy-to-extend programming environment. You can write your own mixins, plugins or simple scripts, and all of them can be integrated in Ulipad in a seamless way. Why named it UliPad?The name comes fr

Wxpysuite - Latest releases of the Py Suite (PyCrust, etc.) -- Tools for Programming in Python, writ

Py Suite (PyCrust, etc.)The Py Suite in wxPython, originally written by Patrick O'Brien, was and is an extremely popular programming shell for the Python programming language. Old website: It has been used by multiple projects (Stani's Python Editor, many Enthought tools, etc...) and supports calltips, history storage, code completion, and many other features in a solid, GUI based python shell. I decided in 2008 after using Pycrust to program Python for a couple of

pyShelling - Shelling segregation

Shelling segregation