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pysh: A simple, consistent user shell written in python.



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Python-shell - A Python Shell

A shell written entirely in python. Designed to be as dynamic as the language itself. PySh is also designed to run on any operating system (limited windows support for the time being). PySh can be controlled with the builtin function pyth that brings up a python prompt that allows the current runtime of the shell to be edited in realtime. Further work on PySh will be devoted to matching current functionality in most modern shells and improving on them. Examples can be found on the Examples Wiki

Uc-unified-python-installer - unified python installer installs python to nix systems (osx, unix, li

uc-unified-python-installer is a unified python installer installs a "stand alone" python to nix systems (bsd, osx, unix, linux). This script was hewn from the luxurious Plone 4 unified installer. hg clone running ./ bla bla still installs Plone as expected but running ./ installs just the stand alone Python at this time. OS X .04. .06 Ubuntu .10 required a minor Python fix running ./ stan

Pcaspy - Portable Channel Access Server in Python

PCASpy provides not only the low level python binding to EPICS Portable Channel Access Server but also the necessary high level abstraction to ease the server tool programming. IntroductionPortable Channel Access Server (PCAS) library exists along with database channel access server (RSRV) in EPICS base. PCAS provides several C++ classes (server tool), making use of abstract callback methods, to let server application respond to channel access clients requests. Due to the intrinsic complexity of

Py-spherical-harmonics - Pysh - Python Spherical Harmonics (on hold)

Pysh meant to gather a couple of code snippets from Siggraph papers & similar sources for computing things like spherical harmonics and other image related techniques to be used in computer graphics. There are dozens of stuff like that out there, so I thought it would be cool to have some of them in one place. All nicely warped with Python for convenience. Ideally Pysh should stay lightweight, compile without dependencies, and get as much as possible under one umbrella. Note: this is basically a

Pysh - A simple Python interpreter in Python

A simple Python interpreter in Python - pyshell (pysh) - a system shell in python, using 100% python syntax (go die, ipython)

pyshell (pysh) - a system shell in python, using 100% python syntax (go die, ipython)

pysh - Write shell scripts in Python

Write shell scripts in Python


A shell mixing Python and Bash syntax, reborn :)