Python Serial Port Extension

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Multiplatform Serial Port Module for Python (Win32, Jython, Linux, BSD and more)



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MinimalModbus is an easy-to-use Python module for talking to instruments (slaves) from a computer (master) using the Modbus protocol. Example code includes drivers for Eurotherm process controllers. The only dependence is the pySerial module. This software supports the 'Modbus RTU' serial communication version of the protocol, and is intended for use on Linux, OS X and Windows platforms. It is open source, and has the Apache License, Version 2.0. Tested with Python2.6, Python2.7 and Python

Pyserial-patch - A bugfix version of pyserial package.

This is based on pyserial 2.2 from Sourceforge, with a win32-specific bugfix. This package can be used as a drop-in replacement for pyserial.The only reason I put this patch here is that there does not seem to be any activity in the original Sourceforge project at the moment, and the bug report with a proposed patch has been sitting there for a while without getting any attention.

Sppyqt - Serial Communication GUI Tool

Serial communication GUI tool developed using Python, pySerial module and PyQt. Screenshot

Python-usbio24 - Interface for USB I/O 24 controller and relay board

This Python module implements the Version 3 commandset for the USB I/O 24 controller board. Additionally, a RelayModule class is provided to interface with the associated relay output board. Relies on pySerial.

Smsq - Get and send SMSs from Huawei 3G Modem

Mac OS X utility for sending and receiving SMS from Huawei 3G Modem. Now with a very simple GUI, still very crude. List, send, delete, reply (dbl click on the message). Tested on my E220 modem with Vodafone PT E170 with TMN Needs pyserial.

Pypert - A Python interface to the Pertelian X2040 USB LCD Display

PyPert is a high-level interface to the Pertelian X2040 USB LCD display ( It relies on PySerial. Also included in this project are various uses of PyPert. For example, displaying a list of your friends on Xbox Live.

Pyseries - A series airdate parser & php web frontend.

A python backend parser for and a simple php frontend. All data is saved to a sqlite3 database, this same DB is used by pyfibot.

Cross - CHUMP RFID On Serial Standalone

CROSS (CHUMP RFID on Serial Standalone) is cross-platform standalone program for RFID devices using CHUMP (Comprehensive Heuristic Unified Messaging Protocol) to communicate over Serial interface. Development was done using using Python with pygtk and pyserial modules. It was developed for academical purposes at School of Technology in Seinäjoki (FRAMI), Finland by two exchange students from Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (FERI) in Maribor, Slovenia under mentor Kimmo Sa

Xodaq - xoDAQ is a cheap Data Acquisition device built out of AVR microcontrollers.

xoDAQ is a cheap Data Acquistion device built out of AVR microcontrollers. Certain microcontrollers of the AVR series have builtin ADC's and USART hardware. xoDAQ aims to provide acquisition rates of the order of 10KSamples/s. Digital data is transffered to the computer through the serial port. The data acquistion software on the computer side is written in Python, using PySerial; but one should be able to write the backend in any language of his liking.

Roll-o - A collection of tools for my robot project

This is a collection of software for my Linux-based robot project, 'roll-o'. roll-o himself is a BeagleBoard running a light version of Ubuntu Linux. The software herein is not necessarily tied to any distribution of Linux or even the BeagleBoard. Initially the project entails Python scripts, for controlling motors over serial (starting with a dual motor controller, Pololu TReX Jr), using a WiiMote. I'm using the pyserial and python-cwiid libraries as bases for these tasks.

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