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PySCeS is the Python Simulator of Cellular Systems. For a network of coupled reactions it does a stoichiometric matrix analysis, calculates the time course and steady state, and does a complete control analysis.



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Mpalign-editor - A graphical tool for DNA and Protein sequences and alignments

A graphical tool for DNA and Protein sequences and alignments. The v2 is totally mouse-driven, but since the v3, I tried to make MPAlign editor also accessible from the Python interpreter. It was originally hosted at, but as the server is out of service for a long time, I decided to move it to Google Code. It has not been updated for a long time, but it can be useful for works with molecular biology data. Examples of using MPAling v3 can be seen at http://pysc

Paskil - Python All-Sky Imaging Library

IntroductionThe Python All-Sky Image Library (PASKIL) is a collection of Python modules designed to manipulate and process all-sky images. Its plug-in architecture enables it to process images and image meta-data of any format. PASKIL is largely built on top of the powerful Python Image Library (PIL) and it is advised that users familirise themselves with the concepts behind PIL before trying to use PASKIL. InstallationInstallation instructions can now be found on the Installation wiki. Document

Pysces-asi - Python All-Sky Imaging for Linux

Built on top of Gphoto and PASKIL, Pysces is a scheduling program for controlling all-sky cameras. It features a number of different scheduling parameters including sun/moon angle and a wide variety of post capture processing options. This project is still in its infancy, but come back soon.......

Ipys - PySces and Igraph integration

PySces and Igraph integration

PML - PySCeS Markup Language Model Files

PySCeS Markup Language Model Files


A Starcraft 2 build order viewer in python