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Related Projects


The Python programming language for S60 mobile phones.

Pys60-progbar - progress bar using pys60

A progress bar is a component in a graphical user interface used to convey the progress of a task, such as a download or file transfer.Where this awesome component not available for pys60 developer.

Makulabs - Various projects in PyS60

Some of my various projects done in PyS60.- Text editor for Series 60

Pys60qt - pys60 simulator in PyQt/PySide

pys60qt is an simulator for pys60 program written in pyqt/pyside. pys60qt recreates all pys60 interfaces, allowing execution of pys60 applications in PCs or other environments supported by Qt. Missing hardware, like GPS or SMS support are simulated in PCs, keeping their original interfaces and creating dummy values. The idea is to speed up (even more) the creation of pys60 applications since several test cycles in target device may be skipped. As an additional benefit, it will be possible to por

Pyfetion-s60 - Mini Fetion base on PyS60

PyFetion is a sample toolkit that can send Fetion.

Pympg - Car mileage recorder for pys60

A utility to record your car's miles per gallon on your Symbian cellphone.

Sixty - extension modules developed in C++ for Python S60 !

Add new functions to your PyS60 applications : all the missing S60 api functions that miss you so much ...

Pys60-smstool - A personal sms backup or export tool.

Some small piece of program to handle my N82 SMS under PyS60. for testing perpose only.

Sntpsync - Symbin Simple Network Time Synchronisation

Symbin S60 3rd edition Simple Network Time Synchronisation in python. Connecting to a NTP serve to sync the mobile phone time. You need first to install pys60 (Python for Symbian S60 runtime signed module, optionally pys60 script shell) in order to run the scripts.