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PyRobots is a clone of gnurobots written in python. The goal of this project is to complete a game with all the features gnurobots set out to have. PyRobots was started because gnurobots was abandoned for a while and has only recently become active.



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Pyrobot - A Python interface to iRobot's Roomba and Create.

PyRobot is a high-level Python interface, built on pySerial, to iRobot's Roomba and Create. PyRobot is also the name of another Python robotics library formerly known as Pyro. PyRobot was originally created for this instructable for using the Create and an OLPC for telepresence. Since then, the telepresence project has become project Fido. Fido uses a GSD web interface for controlling the Create/Roomba over the internet. Fido Features Automated docking and charging of both the OLPC and the Creat

Pybrewery - A python based application for controlling an automatic brewery.

NOTEI just moved the source code for this project to git hub ( PyBreweryPython library for controlling an automated brewery. ResourcesDocumentation can be found at Current DevelopmentCurrently the brewery uses a Arduino for the I/O. You can also use a couple of Velleman K8055 IO boards. Other devices will be supported in the future, but unsupported boards can be used if you write a driver for it that implements the interface that is

Pyrobotgame - PyRobot

Bot war multiplayer game made in django, pyamf and flex.

Pyro-bot - A simple bot for ragnarok online

This is a simple network bot which plays the Ragnarok Online MMORPG. It interacts with the game at the network packet level. It is designed to run with the latest version of eAthena, although if configured, it can likely run on any server. It has an extensible scripting system which can be used to respond to in-game events, and the interface is a local web service. Pyrobot is written in python.


A flow-based programming framework that is tailored to running a pyrobot.brewery. Perhaps it will be useful elsewhere.

PyRoBot - Humanoid in PyOpenGL

Humanoid in PyOpenGL

pyrobot.brewery - A python beer making framework

A python beer making framework

pyrobot - Your friendly neighborhood web scraper

Your friendly neighborhood web scraper