Python bindings to OpenPBS API

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This package provides Python bindings to the OpenPBS C API. All functions of the OpenPBS C library can be accessed in Python through the use of this package. We provide extensive documentation on the usage and lots of examples.



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Usage: python <proxylist.txt> Optional: < -t threads>\tHow many threads to use when leeching. To use 80 threads: "python proxylist.txt -t 80" Default is 40 leeching threads + 1 main thread. < -l leechlist>\tFile to read urls too leech from. Usage: "python proxylist.txt -l sites.txt" < -s>\t\tThis will enable sorting of the leeched proxies. Usage: "python proxylist.txt -s" Updated: 04-10-2010

Py-pbs - Python bindings for OpenPBS/Torque Resource Management System

Python extension for OpenPBS/Torque C API. Requires Python 2.5.1 and above. Key features: - All OpenPBS data structures are represented as native python types. - Full support for the PBS Server, Mom and Log components. Which means you can use the full power of python and great extensions to build any middleware to support the PBS Infrastructure. Custom Schedulers, Batch Job Management, Web Services, etc. Download the source distribution from the Downloads link and the INSTALL file will tell you

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