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PyOpenGL is the binding layer between Python and OpenGL.



Related Projects

Coverband - A cross-platform, 3D, music-based rhythm video game

Cover Band is an adaptation of certain popular music video games available on consoles. It will be written in Python and use the pygame and PyOpenGL libraries.

Pyvoxel - A simple voxelizer for 3d models, implemented in python

pyvoxel converts 3d geometry represented as polygon meshes into a voxels, using opengl to do the hard work. pyvoxel depends on pyopengl and numpy.

Oglshow - OpenGL 3d viewer

A basic .obj loader and viewer written in python for the first iteration, and soon a Qt version.

Pygl2d - A 2D graphics library for PyGame and PyOpenGL.

PyGL2D is a 2D graphics library for PyGame and PyOpenGL. PyGame Project Page: FeaturesImage loading and blitting A module for drawing primitives/shapes Fonts A special Rect class similar to pygame.Rect OpenGL acceleration Screenshot Creditspymike - code, logo, examples Ian Mallett - image.Texture() function

Spyre - Simple Pyhton Rendering Engine

A pure python rendering engine for 3d OpenGL.

Sippy-ftgl - Python FTGL bindings

sippy-ftgl uses SIP to wrap the functionality of FTGL into a Python module so that it can be used in conjunction with PyOpenGL. It is provides a licensing alternative to pyftgl, as sippy-ftgl is under a less restrictive, modified BSD license.