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Allows developer to transparently mix Objective-C and Python objects. Includes ability to subclass Objective-C objects from Python.



Related Projects

Pastels - Example screensaver for OS X, using Python and the PyObjC bridge

This is example code showing how to create a screensaver on OS X using Python and the PyObjC bridge between Python and Cocoa. It includes a configuration window and a test harness for viewing the visualization from the command line and debugging.

Pydococa - Cocoa-based Python Documentation Viewer

PyDococa is my first PyObjC project. It is a Python documentation viewer.

Lcdrawingboard - Drawing Board is an OS X animation tool

Drawing Board is designed to make animation easy for children of any age. It is sketch-based animation with onionskinning and can export to SVG (other formats soon).The application is written in Python using the PyObjC bridge. It can be used as an example for learning Cocoa, Python, and PyObjC.

Supyrconductor - Python control of supercollider

__WARNING__This project probably won't build yet as I'm not yet finished with migrating the code to this repository.___________The project consists of a communication layer (using an modified version of and scosc) and objects to control the supercollider sound synthesis server from python. The project also includes several pyobjc subprojects that allow cocoa access to supercollider.

Delugex - Bittorrent client for OS X

DelugeX is a frontend to Deluge for Mac OS X. It's built using PyObjC and Cocoa. Currently, the project is in its infancy, and hardly anything works, so please don't file any bugs (or for that matter, even try to run it), just look at the pretty screenshots that I'm posting here and rest assured that you'll be able to run DelugeX on your Mac... someday. Just as Deluge was a project for me to learn Python, DelugeX is a project for me to learn PyObjC and Cocoa. Expect some rough edges at first. Fr

Py-phone - Resources for iPhone development in Python

Here to facilitate programming on the iPhone and possibly other mobile platforms using python. Starting pointsJay Freeman: iPhone Applications in Python PyObjC Documentation ctype Documentation General iPhone Python App ExamplesIPhoneOfflineMap Easily changing offline map on your iPhone without Wifi connection. Demonstrates UIKit components usage.

Pylognotifier - A small Cocoa (and soon or later GTK) utility to present logs dynamically in a deskt

LogNotifier is a small Python utility written with PyObjC that presents logs in a desktop environment. On MacOS X, it uses Growl to notify the user when new lines are appended to monitored logs. In the near (or not so near future) it will have a GTK interface too (thus making it available for GNU/Linux). In the future it will allow to read logs from the network, allowing remote monitoring.

Iport - A simple GUI application to manage MacPorts

A simple GUI application to manage MacPorts, written with Python and Cocoa. The application is developed on MacOS X Tiger 10.4.8 with Python 2.5 installed from the official Python Foundation Package and PyObjC compiled from source. However, we are not using features of Python 2.5 in order remain compatible with Python 2.4. Thus, this project should work with Python 2.4 and pyobjc from MacPorts. Every incompatibility with python 2.4 is considered a bug and should be filed as such (or mailed). Pyt