MPI Python

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Distributed Parallel Programming for Python! This package builds on traditional Python by enabling users to write distributed, parallel programs based on MPI message passing primitives. General python objects can be messaged between processors. Ru



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In this project, a scheme for compressing relatively small files is to be implemented. The basic idea of the algorithm for compression is to extract a byte array of the input file, and then train a neural network assigned for each byte in the [-128, 128] range to output the next byte in the byte array given a byte and its incidence number. To increase compression time, which is expected to be fairly large, neural networks in this project will most likely be trained by evolutionary techniques, an

Consensus-cluster - Consensus Clustering Software Package

This software package allows the user to perform various consensus clustering operations on any numerical data using PCA to select informative features. NewsNEW - The power of consensus clustering with the speed of the GPU: The first alpha of CUDAConsensusCluster has been released! Defining clusters explained! Find out how to track your clusters between runs in DefiningClusters. Clustering can now be fully automated! See command line options in the CmdLineOpts Wiki. Current Version - 0.6You can