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Pymedia is a C/C++/Python multimedia module to allow encode/decode/play multimedia information in mp3,ogg,avi etc. formats. Based on ffmpeg with added features and simple Python interface. To be used in multimedia apps written in Python.



Related Projects

Mp3recorder - simple pymedia-based mp3 audio recorder

This is a simple PyMedia demonstration project. WxWidgets (nee WxWindows) GUI built with wxPython Inno Setup installer for the py2exe-generated win32 executable

Ttbox - music box by python


Pyffmpeg - Python FFmpeg wrapper

PyFFmpegFFmpeg is a software package containing libraries and utilities for encoding, decoding and converting audio and video files. It includes libavcodec, a leading audio/video codec library that can work with most video and audio formats. This library generally uses its own codec. And thus it does not depend on your operating system installed libraries. Using FFmpeg and libavcodec you can develop applications that can parse and display video files and be sure they will work on most platform,

Contextfreeaudio - A recursive probabilistic music synthesis language.

Just a quick prototype. Not very fast nor stable. Requires pyMedia library for saving mp3s and pyparsing for file loading. Features include pseudo-infinite recursion (to Nyquist), ADSR envelopes, external samples. Currently not very configurable nor documented. usage: sourcefile.txt outfile.mp3 Syntax is very similar to Context Free Art. Significant differences include use of the pipe character for parallelization, rule declarations without first saying 'rule', parenthesis instead of curl

Speakerdriver - This project aims to create module in python that use the electric current from the

The project aims to create a module for Python that plays specialized sound files. This will allow it to control electric circuits, utilizing the fact that headphone jacks use electric current. This will create a high-level mock "driver" that can be used for applications where programmers have limited programming experience or do not want to invest the time and resources developing full-fledged device drivers. Recent Updates: Networking code has been tested and is 90% operational...stupid 'while

Togengine - TheOotz's Game Engine

IntroAn easy to use and easy to learn game engine for the python programming language. Designed to let a new programmer dive in to game programming in a way that makes sense while letting them work at their own pace. That is, they can dive as shallow or deep into the inner workings of the engine that they feel comfortable, while being able to create (hopefully) satisfying results at any level. It's also designed to run on a child thread when launched, allowing the user (developer) to modify what

pymedia - TV Show manager

TV Show manager


Pure Python Library for storing any kind of media file (image, video, audio). Read README for further details.