Simple Python Keylogger

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A simple keylogger written in python. It is primarily designed for backup purposes, but can be used as a stealth keylogger, too. It does not raise any trust issues, since it is a set of [relatively] short python scripts that you can easily examine.



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Klog-sharp - Personal-use keylogger in C#

Simple keylogger written in C#. The goal is observing activity on the local machine (e.g. monitoring children using the machine). This is specifically NOT a spying tool and won't have features for e-mailing logs, hiding from the OS and such. Features: Simple to use. Start and forget. Tray icon so it's obvious when in use (main issue I had with PyKeylogger is that it's unclear when it is running, and it still logs passwords in plaintext). Logs activity in an easy-to-read format. Notes the applica

Logkeys - a GNU/Linux keylogger that works!

logkeys Linux keylogger Important announcement for Arch Linux userslogkeys was having an issue ( on Arch Linux where it didn't log anything. The issue is now fixed in the repository (fix found by bytbox from the Arch Linux community), so if you're on Arch (or you seem to experience this issue), please checkout the source from SVN. NEWS: logkeys version 0.1.1a (alpha) releasedfixed 100% CPU issue on x64 various bug fixes removed pgrep dependenc

pykeylogger-fork - A fork of nanotube's pykeylogger,

A fork of nanotube's pykeylogger,


A pure python keylogger for linux


An attempt to see if pykeylogger can be made into a worklogger, logging what you work at on your computer without being to obtrusive

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python client/server keystroke logger