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PyKDE is the KDE binding for Python. Also included are the Qt binding for python.



Related Projects


pyramba - is a clone of karamba written in Python using PyKDE It makes your desktop interactive by showing system status information: CPU Usage,MP3 playing,Free Memory Amount

Pykde-sampler - PyKDE Sampler

Showcase for PyKDE widgets and code.

Foxmime - Exports KDE file associations into firefox format

This project utilizes PyKDE bindings to read file associations and builds associations in firefox (linux) format (mimeTypes.rdf)

Currency-converter-plasmoid - Currency Converter Plasmoid

A simple Plasma currency converter coded in PyQt and PyKDE4. See the Homepage for details.

Nepotask - Add a link resource to the active nepomuk desktop task

Small Firefox add-on allowing KDE users, using Tasktop plasma applet to mark the current desktop task with the website they are currently viewing in Firefox browser. This extension requires python-kde4 package to be installed to work properly.


Kphotobymail is a PyKDE based application for uploading photos to flickr account. You can also use it to send emails with photo attachment on the fly.


KPositon - A graphical front end to positron aimed towards users of the K Desktop Environment(KDE). KPositron is written entirely in python using the PyQt and PyKDE libraries.

Pyatimonitor - a widget using Python/PyQT4/PyKDE4 to monitor ATI graphics card

This is a simple widget for KDE SC 4.3 and above that using ATI catalyst driver to monitor core clocks, memory clocks, gpu usage and core temperature. How to install/uninstall:Download the latest version Uninstall any previous version $ plasmapkg -r pyATImon Run the following command in the directory where the file was placed (updated to reflect the actual filename): $ plasmapkg -i pyATImon-0.x.xx.plasmoid The widget should now be listed in your "Add Widgets" screen