Pyjamas-Desktop Widget Set

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Pyjamas-Desktop is the Desktop version of the Pyjamas Web Widget toolkit. Pyjamas-Desktop can even execute javascript, and embed plugins such as Flash. Pyjamas-Desktop is now part of



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Pyjde - PyJde implements source code browsing features in Emacs using Python

I am tired of JDE's code browsing features. With the addition of generics starting in JDK 1.5 certain JDE features stopped working and noone seems to be actively engaged with the project. jde-usages is not much help either. JDE completion is very slow. It takes tens of seconds to give me a list of methods sometimes. And it's all in Lisp, a language I use for Emacs only, then I forget, then I come back. So I decided to use the excellent Pymacs library to write a better Java source code browsing f