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pyinsim is an InSim library for the racing simulator Live for Speed.



Related Projects

Outgauge - LiveForSpeed Outgauge

OUTGAUGE -Speedometer (3x7segment LED Display) -Gear Indicator (7segment LED Display) -Tachometer (8x LED)

Lfsprojects - LFS InSim Projects

A collection of individual and/or collaborative programs that interface with the InSim protocol of the Live For Speed (LFS) racing simulator.

Led-tachometer-microcontroller - Led tachometer for simracing (microcontroller)

Led tachometer for simracing made with Atmega8535, 12 leds, and max232 for rs232 communication. It's my project for labs at university and my first experience with micro controllers. Available are: - Scheme. - Hardware info, data sheets. - Micro controller program in C and hex file. - API for communication with tachometer written in C Sharp. - Configurable C Sharp WPF application which synchronizes Live For Speed cars revs with tachometer. I'm using LFS External Library for Outgauge. Parts that

Beelzebot - An IRC bot for Live for Speed

An IRC bot for Live for Speed building the bridge between LFS and IRC (QuakeNet). Requires a Live for Speed S2 server with enabled InSim. Supported CommandsIn IRCList of IRC Commands For more information about IRC commands in Beelzebot, visit the Commands page. In LFS!irc text - sends a text message to IRC channel Configuration OptionsThis file needs to be saved as "config.php" in the root directory of lfs-irc! <?phpdefine('USERNAME', 'octbot'); // Username of the Bot used for auth and as nickna

JInSim Library

A Java library for communicating with Live For Speed's InSim network protocol.

Pro2js - Prototype profiler tool.

Prototype ProfilerOverviewPrototype Profiler (pro2js) is a utility that can be used to detect poorly performing JavaScript code. In contrast to other profilers, pro2js supports all commonly used browsers (including IE6). It allows you to work with test results easily and performance is excellent. Features:Prototype profiler is a "monkey patch" for the prototype library. It does not require modifications of the prototype code and it can be easily disabled (for example, in different environments).

Insim-qt - A Qt-based library for connecting to Live For Speed driving simulator&#39;s InSim-service

A Qt-based library for connecting to Live For Speed driving simulator's InSim-service. PROJECT STATUS: on indefinite hold PROJECT DEMONSTRATES: How to make a Qt application plug-in. How to make that plug-in to emit signals. How to wrap all of the above inside a namespace, and still have it working.

Sympy - Python library for symbolic mathematics

SymPy is an open source Python library for symbolic mathematics. It aims to become a full-featured computer algebra system (CAS) while keeping the code as simple as possible in order to be comprehensible and easily extensible. SymPy is written entirely in Python and does not require any external libraries. Main page is at: This page is for developers. NewsSymPy is participating in Google Summer of Code 2012. See our ideas page. 29 Jul 2011 Version 0.7.1 released (https://github


A framework for building Live For Speed ( ) InSim modules in C++. Includes the Commentator ( speech ) module.