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This Python module can be used for various kind of fs monitoring through events notifications. It relies on inotify, a Linux kernel feature.



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pyinotify - Monitoring filesystems events with inotify on Linux.

Monitoring filesystems events with inotify on Linux.

Pylsyncd - Python Live Syncing Daemon

This project has moved to Pylsyncd is a python implementation similar to lsyncd that uses rsync to synchronize local directories with several remote machines running rsyncd. Pylsyncd monitors recursively a set of directories using pyinotify, a pure Python module used for monitoring filesystems changes that relies on inotify. The main advantage of pylsyncd against lsyncd is that it uses message queues in order to synchronize in a parallel way several destina

pirsyncd stands for: Python Inotify Rsync Daemon.

This is an attempt of writing a daemon to watch a directory for kernel’s inotify events and then execute an rsync command to synchronize two different directories (local or remote). This is a poor man’s mirroring or an alternative (not so) real data replication mechanism and it is based on Pyinotify. Home Page of pirsyncd: pirsyncd Features: There is no need of installation! Run as a Daemon Can run as a Daemon in foreground Simple Configuration, you only have to configure your source and des

Distributed-handbrake - A collection of python scripts that form a distributed Handbrake encoding sy

This is a collections of scripts that form a server and a client for a distributed video encoding system based on HandBrakeCLI. They are written in Python and assume that the server is Linux-based (depends on pyinotify). The client can/will be either Linux or Windows (support for MacOS X should be simple as well). The overall goal is to have several watch-folders into which you can drop ISOs or avi/mp4/mkv files and have them encoded to various other formats. The encoding is distributed to other

Pylesystem - Python API to the filesystem for offline access to metadata

Using SQLAlchemy and pyionotify pylesystem creates a real time index of the filesystem. Requires SQLAlchemy 0.5 and pyionotify. Note this only works on Linux as IOnotify is a linux API. I might integrate the OS X filesystem events later. This is a very limited release, it only keeps track of created and deleted files. I plan on getting fancy later and adding support for modified files and then adding a command line tool and query API to perform mass offline file operations, like processing a dir

Openduckbill - Simple backup tool that supports filesystem monitoring and does data backup to local

Openduckbill is a simple command line backup tool for Linux, which is capable of monitoring the files/directories marked for backups for any changes and transferring these changes either to a local backup directory or a remote NFS exported partition or to a remote ssh server using the very common, rsync command. As a backup tool, openduckbill can operate in any one of the modes mentioned below: Maintain an exact copy of the source at the backup destination Maintain current and previous version o

Ufw-frontends - Graphical frontends for the Uncomplicated Firewall (UFW)

Currently, UFW provides only a command-line interface (CLI) for user interaction--the ufw command. This project implements graphical frontends for UFW using PyGTK. NewsVersion 0.3.2 Released! (April 6, 2012)Fixed bugs:  Issue 18   Issue 19   Issue 20  Version 0.3.1 Released! (September 11, 2011)Fixed bugs:  Issue 16   Issue 17  Version 0.3.0 Released! (September 6, 2011)NOTES: This will probably be the last feature release of ufw-frontends in its current form. I'm planning a major reorganization

Inosync - 高效的ssh目录�步工具(使用inotify机制)


Balloon-cb - Balloon is an alternative to dropbox based on Mercurial. It will support Git.

This is the backup repository of Balloon. This is the main page of Balloon. Balloon is based on Mercurial and will support Git. Local repositories on different hosts are automatically synchronized with a remote repository thanks to the inotify API.

Snapfly - легкое PyGTK меню

Version 0.8 is Out!Вышла верÑ�иÑ� 0.8!For now, project is under active development. Post here any bugs you will find, and try to get the most recent version (maybe they're already fixed there).Ð�а данный момент, проект находитÑ�Ñ� в Ñ�тадии активного развитиÑ� и доработки кода, поÑ�тому, большаÑ� проÑ�ьба: еÑ�ли программа не запуÑ�каетÑ�Ñ�, или функционал не Ñ�оотвеÑ