Pygrib2 - Python module for reading and writing GRIB Edition 2 files.

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GRIB2 is the second version of the World Meterological Organization (WMO) standard for distributing gridded data. This module includes a python programmer interface for reading and writing GRIB2 grids as well as command-line utilites for listing and re-packing GRIB2 files. This module is now deprecated - development has shifted to pygrib, which uses the ECMWF grib library and can read and write both GRIB1 and GRIB2.



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Converter from grib to Vis5d

The program grib2v5d converts the content of a grib file (a format used for exchanging meteorological model fields) into a file that can be viewed with Vis5d, a popular program for 3-D visualisation of meteorological fields.

Pygrib - python module for reading GRIB files

GRIB is the the World Meterological Organization (WMO) standard for distributing gridded data. This module contains python interfaces for reading and writing GRIB data using the ECMWF GRIB API C library, and the NCEP GRIB2 C library, as well as command-line utilites for listing and re-packing GRIB files. Quick Links: pygrib module documentation ncepgrib2 module documentation (new in version 1.9.0) Changelog README README.macosx Cygwin Windows Installation News: 20120429: version 1.9.4 released.

Wepoco-sat-tools - Wepoco satellite imagery tools

A collection of Java classes for decoding, converting, and reprojecting meteorological satellite imagery. The code is mostly in NetRexx but compiles to pure Java.

Pybufr - A library to deal with data on BUFR format

The Binary Universal Form for the Representation (BUFR) will be the next format for operational data exchange between the oceanographic and meteorologic centers. The main purpose of this library now is decode/encode data in BUFR format.

Cirruswx - synoptic weather archival, storage, and processing

Perl modules and software to process incoming data in WMO standardized formats or HTML from meteorological sites, store them in databases and query data online.

Arduino-3g-gsm-broadcast-weather-station - Arduino�sim300�sony_k700�GSM

Arduino processing of meteorological information and use by 3G / GSM network spread to the site to be managed.

Uvtray - Bureau of Meteorology UV Alerter

A Java System Tray program that displays the maximum UV level and UV Alert times. Requires Sun Java SE 6 or newer. Should run on any system with a system tray. Data is downloaded from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. Icon taken from the KDE weather applet, used under the terms of the GPL.

Pyspharm - Python spherical harmonic transform module.

Provides an object-oriented python interface to the NCAR SPHEREPACK library. Can perform spherical harmonic transforms to and from regularly spaced and gaussian lat/lon grids.