Python Gutenberg E-text Project

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The PyGE (Python Gutenberg E-text) project is a suite of GUI desktop utilities written in Python to promote and facilitate awareness and enjoyment of works of literature that are available from the archives of Project Gutenberg.



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Pyge-solitaire - Peg Solitaire Implamentation in PyGame

Created for a school project in early 2010. Implements peg solitaire. Installer or archive should work on all Windows systems. However I have only tested it on Windows XP! Source requires Python, PyGame, Albow, JSON/SimpleJSON. Should be cross plateform, however only tested with Python 2.6, PyGame 1.9.1 and Albow 2.1.0 on windows.

pyge - PyGE: PyGame Editor

PyGE: PyGame Editor


A minecraft mod that allows you to create bookmarks in a minecraft world. See


A game archive extraction tool written in Python, designed to make it easy to support new formats