C++ Python language bindings

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This project will help you to expose C++ libraries to Python. pygccxml package is an object oriented framework for reading C++ declarations. pyplusplus package is an object-oriented framework for creating a code generator for boost.python library.




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Generate-dll-proxy-stub-code - use gccxml(pygccxml) to generate dll proxy/stub code automatically

There is one big EXE module, and you want to separate it into two modules. One module is a tiny EXE for fast loading, and another module is a big DLL for delay loading. Although Visual C++ 2005 (VS2005,VC8) provides compiler option "/DELAYLOAD" for delay loaded DLLs, it is still no use on Windows CE device. You have to write LoadLibrary/GetProcAddress one by one manually. My tool is to generate this "LoadLibrary/GetProcAddress" code automatically. It uses gccxml(pygccxml) to parse C/C++ function

Pybindgen - Python Bindings Generator

A tool to generate Python bindings for C/C++ code. It is itself written in Python (unlike almost any other tool out there), lending it the powerful ability of making it possible to extend or tweak the code generator without loss of mental sanity. It generates extension modules that are small and fast. PyBindGen is highly portable: The (optional) pygccxml-based scanner generates just Python code describing the API; PyBindGen as a module is just a bunch of .py files that can be shipped inside anot

Hrg - Hierarchically-Relayed Grid

Hierarchically-Relayed Grid, a general purpose grid engine for research and education, specifically for scientific computing. it's used like P2P network for end user. Hierarchically-Relayed Protocol(HRP) included. Features: It's semi-centred, two HR grid can be merged to one, the grid is dynamic It's distributed, designed for internet through TCP, now you can send data to any body that joined to the grid, even if it hidden behind a firewall It's simple and small, just a network infrastructure of

babbisch-gccxml - another babbisch tool that uses pygccxml to generate the json dump

another babbisch tool that uses pygccxml to generate the json dump