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Port of the FIT framework and FitLibrary Framework to Python.



Related Projects

Pyserpens - Python code for astronomy

Python code the author has found useful for their research in observational astrophysics, with a focus on analysing quasar spectra. This project has moved to and the code is no longer available from this Google code site. To download go to:

Python-sao - Python interface for the SAO developed projects, such as XPA,DS9 & Funtools

This project is aimed to provide a python interface for some programs developed by Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory(SAO). One of the main goal is to communicate with ds9 from python shell via the XPA protocol. It provides a python wrapper for subset of XPA library and python module for ds9 based on the XPA module. >>> import pysao# run new instance of ds9>>> ds9 = pysao.ds9()>>> import numpy>>> im = numpy.reshape(numpy.arange(100), (10, 10))# display 2-d array>>> ds9.view(im)>>> import pyfi

Pystaratlas - A python libraries and command line scripts aim to generate stars maps base on publicl

PYSTARATLASREADME.txt file PYSTARATLAS is a collection of libraries and command line programs aim to draw different start maps and sky images in styles. DependencesIt is written in python with the following dependences: pyproj4. A powerful python library implementing the projections algorithms of the Proj4 project. pylab to manage arrays. pyfits for reading FITs astronomical format. ephemerides for solar system ephemerides calculation. reportlab to draw pdf files. Image (PIL image library) to ma

Lfm-database-tools - in-memory database

freeware development tools for LFM's in-memory database

Sdsspy - SDSS related python tools

A set of python tools for working with SDSS data. Dependencies: numpy and esutil for structure manipulation routines and flexible file i/o. Note some of the coordinate transformations used in the SDSS, such as equatorial to "survey" coordinates, are actually part of esutil in the coords module. Many of the structure related tools from the goddard library and idlutils are implemented in esutil in the numpy_util module. Sub Packagesatlas: Python wrappers for Robert Lupton's codes: atlas reader rea

Lfm-database-applications - applications for supporting lfm in-memory database engine

LFM in-memory database applicationsAttention !The source of SVN is old. Develop Environment■Python 2.6 → Python 2.6.2 ■wxPython 2.8 → Python 2.6 / win32-unicode ■wxPython 2.8 Docs Demos and Tools (XRC Resource Editor(XRCed) include) → win32-docs-demos GUI edit use XRCed Editor LinksLFM Core EngineEnglish page : - Auto-generated sphinx documentation for pyfit

Auto-generated sphinx documentation for pyfit

pyfit - Modelling and Fitting in Python

Modelling and Fitting in Python

pyFitting - Python tools to best fit data

Python tools to best fit data