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Generating Excel 97+ files with Python 2.4+ (need decorators), importing Excel 95+ files, support for UNICODE in Excel files, using variety of formatting features and printing options, Excel files and OLE2 compound files dumper. No need in Windows/COM



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Php-xls - A PHP Class library to write and read XLS binary files

A PHP Library to write XLS binary files. It's usable for now, while following the path to be as functional as pyexcelerator. This project is mostly inspired by pyexcelerator, and aimed to get close to it in future.

Secador-thompson - Secador Thompson 2 Pisos con inversión de flujo

Secador Thompson 2 Pisos con inversión de flujo, para café. Realizado para la asignatura de posgrado "modelación y simulación de procesos agroindustriales", en el año 2009. Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Facultad de Ingeniería. Ingeniería Agrícola. El autor del programa publica el codigo fuente para que otras personas continuen con el desarrollo del mismo. Herramientas utilizadas: Lenguaje de programación Python Framework qt4 pyqt4 Pyexcelerator (Opcional). Web del autor Autor: Diego

Taobao-extract - 淘�店铺的商�数�抽�

功能说明: 该系统旨在为商å“�比价ã€�管ç�†æ��供数æ�®æº�,利用Python模å�—从淘å®�店铺抓å�–出商å“�æ•°æ�®å¹¶è¿‡æ»¤å‡ºæœ‰ç”¨ä¿¡æ�¯å­˜å…¥æœ¬åœ°æ•°æ�®åº“或者Excel,使用多线程进行爬虫以å�ŠIOæ“�作。 存放数æ�®æ ¼å¼�说明: 商å“�å��称 : è´§å�· : 大å°� :颜色 : 库存é‡� :价格 :商å“�URL : 店铺URL 程åº�å¼€å�‘: 1,开å�‘环境:eric4, python2.6.2 2,使用了第三方类库: pyExcelerator, py2exe. 3, 使用多线程20个线程进行å�Œæ—

Iibsoft - A project to assist on adaptation and application of the Index of Biotic Integrity (Karr,

IntroductionThis free and open-source software is aimed to assist on the easy application of the Index of Biotic Integrity (Karr, 1981) adapted to ichthyofauna of Puangue stream (Maipo River Basin, Central Chile) by Quezada (2007). Now it works on abundance grid of the species described for this stream (6 native and 6 foreing) and with eventually unlimited monitoring stations, besides it is thought to be utilized by any of the adaptations of IBI changing the metrics and the calculus of the softw

Advandb-repository - The Official Repository of ADVANDB (1st Term SY2011-2012)

Welcome to the ADVANDB Repository!Main Team (in alphabetical order): Choa, Archie Choa, Arnold Ng, Anson See, Kevin Contributors (in alphabetical order): Bonon, Michael Cua, Edmund Puada, Nico Wiki pages (such as changelogs/how-tos) can be found at: Downloads (apps, libs, etc.) can be found at: ApplicationsSHIFT (Python)Wiki page coming soon. It generates a market-basket analysis table i

Web-ui-checker - Usability Testing support tool

Introductionpublishing this is not finished, sources comming soon!The UI Checker is a java application based on Selenium designed to help conduct usability testing. The way it helps is through spidering a website by clicking all links and taking screenshots of every page it encounters. Afterwards the tester can just review the screens and decide what is a bug and what is not. The process can significantly increase the efficiency and it will spare the boring time of clicking around for UI issues.

ru_excel - Port of pyExcelerator

Port of pyExcelerator

pyExcelerator - pyExcelerator fork with docs

pyExcelerator fork with docs

ala-survey-vis - A silly art project. Requires rp5 and pyExcelerator

A silly art project. Requires rp5 and pyExcelerator