Python DNS Library

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This project is to enhance the python DNS library initially written by Guido van Rossum, then extended by Anthony Baxter, Michael Strouml;der and others.



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Sonny4pacman - Sonny is a robot that can be controlled via GTalk and Fetion

Sonny is a robot that can be controlled via GTalk and Fetion. It can be used to send scheduled sms via Fetion protocol. Currently, I use it to send weather forecast to my colleges everyday. By sending an sms to Sonny, my colleges can also initialize queries for weather information of cities in China. Sonny depends on PyFetion, xmpppy, pydns. I have included a version of each of them. But you can also replace them with newer version. This project has been supported by the PACMAN team in Tsinghua

Xtunnel - 利用 XMPP å��议(就是 GTalk 用的那个啦)实现多å�°å�¯ä¸Šç½‘主机间的虚æ‹

现在还å�ªå®žçŽ°äº† Linux 版,å�¦ä¸€ä¸ªå®¶ä¼™å°†å®žçŽ° Mac 版,至于 Windows 版将视用户需求而定。 ä¾�赖的软件包让我想想,现在的 Linux/XMPP 版大致上需è¦�下é�¢çš„几个软件包: python-daemon xmpppy dnspython 或者 pydns python-lockfile 请大家用å�„自的包管ç�†å™¨ï¼Œæˆ–者 easy install 进行安装。 简明使用手册æº�ç �下了之å�Žï¼Œè¿›å…¥å…¶ä¸­çš„ xtunnel å­�目录,你会看到有两个 python æº�文件,其中一个 应该是å�¯æ‰§è

Pygtalkrobot - An open source python gtalk(google talk) bot framework using XMPPPY library

PyGtalkRobot is an open source python gtalk bot framework using XMPPPY library referencing the source code of python-jabberbot. IntroductionInstant Message(IM) bot is very convenient and helpful for users. Users can just type a few of words to get what they needs, no need to open a browser or other software. There are many IM bots that can serve users very conveniently, for example, mini blog bots(such as ), dictionary bots( such as a Chinese-English dictionary bot imdict@imdi

Blacksmith-bot - Многофункциональный бот дл� jabber-конференций,

BlackSmith - �то многофункциональный бот дл� jabber конференций, напи�анный на Python. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Бот �оздан командой «Witcher». Сейча� развитие о�уще�твл�ет команда «simpleApps». -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Первоначально был �оздан бот Jaskier (�м. �нджей С. --> "Ведьмак"), развитие кото

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