Python Dispatcher

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The dispatcher provides loosely-coupled message passing between Python objects (signal senders and receivers). It began as one of the highest-rated recipes on the Python Cookbook website



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Multiple-producer-multiple-consumer signal-dispatching for Groovy

Pytaur - Python game development framework based on pyglet

pytaur: a game development framework based on pygletpytaur itself aims to be game agnostic, but design makes it lean slightly toward the development of 2D puzzle adventure games (the point-and-click style), or any kind of application that depends heavily on the concept of managed scenes with many layered objects. It was not designed in favor of classic shooters with rapidly scrolling tiles. Dependenciespython 2.6 pyglet 1.1.4 pytaur relies on pyglet's windowing system, platform utilities and gra


A simple dispatch server. Allows one server to trigger defined code to run on another.