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PyDbLite is a pure-Python, fast, in-memory database with a Pythonic syntax (no SQL)



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Buanbuan - A Karrigell 4 wiki application

BuanBuan is a wiki application that demonstrates the features of the Karrigell 4 web framework. Features covered include: HTMLTags KT templates Configuration of Karrigell 4 applications in Use of filters, showing how to implement smart URLs and how to control access to directories user management Localisation of scripts (displaying output in different languages.) Automatic generation of the translation data file using transbuild. Prerequisites: Python 3.2 or later Latest Karrigell 4 re

Geoyd - Pythonic projection library

Geoyd is a map projection and great circle computation library for Python 2.6+ & 3.x. Dependencies : PyDbLite for database work SimpleGeoyd.geo module provides classes, functions and sub packages access. import Geoyd.geo as geoGeoyd.geo.datum package is a repository of EPSG and NATO datum. >>>"OSGB 1936") # search by alias{'prime': 0.0, 'code': u'OGB-7', 'name': u'ORDNANCE SURVEY GB 1936', 'ellipsoid': 7001, 'epsg': 4277, 'region': u'Great Britain', 'expansion': 0.247, 'alias':

queue-1 - PyDbLite based queue

PyDbLite based queue