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Python module interface to the cURL library (cURL is available at



Related Projects

Pcur - multi-parts file transfer

Transfer a file in multi-parts concurrently.libcurl, pycurl needed.

Imguruploadur - ImgurUploadur is an image uploader in Python to upload to

ImgurUploadur is an image uploader written in Python, for ./ /path/to/file.jpg ./ Dependencies: pycurl optparse

Python-rets - Python RETS (Real Estate Transaction Standard) library

Python RETS library. Currently works with RETS version 1.0. Dependencies: BeautifulSoup, pyCURL

Pysmug - A high-performance python client for the SmugMug API.

A high-performance python client for the SmugMug API utilizing the PycURL library for connectivity. Download the latest release. You can save $5 on a SmugMug subscription. When you signup use my coupon code (AyZ6YjglU3Ths) in the 'Referred by' field on the signup form (I will get a $10 credit). Or click here to signup now.

Bitps3 - Scripts to encode videos to PS3

This project is a bunch of python and shell scripts to automatize the process to watch videos (movies, series, etc...) using the PS3. Get the video -> Get the Subtitle -> Encode the video -> Update the Media Server (UPnP). Dependencies: Mencoder Cron PyCurl MP4Box

Couchdb-python-curl - couchdb-python fork, which uses pycurl rather than httplib

What is it?This is a fork of well-known couchdb-python project. GoalsMain goal - drop away buggy unneeded httplib2 and replace it with mature robust curl library (via pycurl wrapper). StatusServer - works Database - works Document (with attachments) - works Views - work Actually, everything is working pretty well, and is capable to face much more load, than httplib-based implementation. And, we are not dead! Couchdb-python-curl is working in a number of our company internal projects, so it's pro

Gtk-rm3wifi-authenticator - A small authenticator for wireless network of University of RomaTre

GTK Rm3WiFi Authenticator does the authentication procedure for loggin in wireless (and wired) network of University of RomaTre.

Mandja - Web Crawler [-h] url Requires Python 2.6 > argparse urlparse pycurl DescriptionA little recursive crawler. It tries to visit every URL of the same domain and parse it for URLs. Mandja looks in css, js, txt's and everything which looks like plain text. You reuse the connection via Keep-Connection when crawling on the set domain and use different connections for the head ping of URLs on different domains. For now it just prints out the visited URLs with the status code. I plan to add more

Curling - An object-oriented wrapper library for PycURL

Curling is an object-oriented wrapper library for PycURL. 何����れ�PycURL�オブジェクト指�ラッパー��。�ん���httplib2�似��作���り��。 使�方httplib2風��純�リクエストメソッド タイムアウトを指定�能 レス�ンスメッセージ�サイズ�上�を指定�能 ��期リクエスト�対応 基本import curlingr,c = curling.request("")print cタイムアウトを指定

Pyclickatell - Python module which can be used to send SMS messages via the Clickatell HTTPS API

Python module which can be used to send SMS messages via the Clickatell HTTPS API. Does not requires pycurl (as the original version), but uses urllib instead. Example usageimport md5from clickatell import Clickatellct = Clickatell("username", "password", 'clientid')phone = "999999"text = "Test"if not ct.auth(): raise Exception("Can't authenticate!")hasher = = hasher.hexdigest()message = { 'to': str(phone), 'text': str(text), 'climsgid': str

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