Python Community Server

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A free replacement (in Python) for Radio Community Server and a miniature application server, with an embedded almost-OO database and a very quick script handler.



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Python module interface to the cURL library (cURL is available at


PyCLI is a set of python tools (libraries) for rapid development of command line-based tools.

Pyc6accel - PyC6Accel for OMAP3530

PyC6Accel for OMAP3530. Using C6Accel is core library.

Pyc-grab - ... grabs images from a variety of locations and displays them on your screen.

Pyc-grab slowly builds a collage on your screen by placing images it grabs from a variety of locations, including the web. It is intended for use primarily as a screen saver. Pyc-grab is functional, but still in alpha. Only a handful of features have been implemented.

Pyclude - python tool allowing includes

Writing a serious project in python? Chances are you don't want everything packed into one source file. With pyclude all it takes is an #include, and you can include sources, like in the various other languages. Pyclude is written in python, and is extremely simple to use. To include, simply add: #include "" into your main file, and running this at the terminal / prompt: python will put it all into your_main_file.pyc, ready for running.

Pysmug - A high-performance python client for the SmugMug API.

A high-performance python client for the SmugMug API utilizing the PycURL library for connectivity. Download the latest release. You can save $5 on a SmugMug subscription. When you signup use my coupon code (AyZ6YjglU3Ths) in the 'Referred by' field on the signup form (I will get a $10 credit). Or click here to signup now.

Curling - An object-oriented wrapper library for PycURL

Curling is an object-oriented wrapper library for PycURL. 何����れ�PycURL�オブジェクト指�ラッパー��。�ん���httplib2�似��作���り��。 使�方httplib2風��純�リクエストメソッド タイムアウトを指定�能 レス�ンスメッセージ�サイズ�上�を指定�能 ��期リクエスト�対応 基本import curlingr,c = curling.request("")print cタイムアウトを指定

Gmgn - GMail Growl Notifier

GMGN IntroductionPython script that checks your Gmail account(s) for new mail. If it finds any, it will notify you with Growl. DependenciesYou will need libgmail and growl python bindings to run the script (links to the right). It is not end-user friendly yet. News2008-10-20I'm currently battling py2app to bundle GMGN into a simple, end-user friendly native mac os x application. The show stopper at the moment i libgmail. The .app is generated properly by py2app but I will get this error when run


Batchput transfers files from a local directory, matching the regex you specify, to an URL. Written in Python using PycURL, the program is focused on doing this safely and efficiently, using per-directory locking and a single session.