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We're working on developing a standard encryption API for the Python language, and building a set of standard cryptography modules. The CVS tree is open to anyone who needs it for a Python/crypto related package.



Related Projects

Keyczar - Toolkit for safe and simple cryptography

KeyczarKeyczar is an open source cryptographic toolkit designed to make it easier and safer for devlopers to use cryptography in their applications. Keyczar supports authentication and encryption with both symmetric and asymmetric keys. Keyczar was originally developed by members of the Google Security Team.

Wrapper for the PyCrypto library

Wrapper library for PyCrypto, which simplifies usage of PyCrypto considerably, while still not barring the programmer from the underlying functionality.

Yafcrypt - yet_another_filecrypter

Yafcrypt is a tool for encrypting data. It is based on the pycrypto-library. It comes with a GUI for MS Windows (2k and later), which integrates into the context-menu. It was written to play around with Python, PyCrypto, AuotIT (GUI) and the Google Project Hosting.

Aes4web - Encrypt data into web-safe strings

Using AES through pyCrypto ( library, we create base64 encoded strings suitable for use in URLs or Cookies. My use is as follows: >>> import json>>> from aes4web import AES4WEB>>> >>> data = { "some key": "some value"}>>> json_string = json.dumps(data)>>> crypto = AES4WEB('password')>>> cipher = crypto.encrypt(json_string)>>> cipher'UFbxBcRt-chB0zkOjrcxdCeWeRKxToYuBRnifNu4IxpKj0kVcgNbo_aC27IgGneP'>>> >>> # cipher is a string safe for urls.... >>> # to deco

Expectit - ExpectIT automates interactive tasks through configuration.

DescriptionExpectIT is a tool to provide configuration-driven automation of interactive tasks, e.g. Telnet or SSH sessions. DependenciesPexpect - Pure Python expect-like module, PyYAML - YAML parser and emitter for Python, PyCrypto - Python Cryptography Toolkit,

Pysftp - Python Secure FTP module

pysftppysftp is an easy to use sftp module that utilizes paramiko and pycrypto. support/user list changes 0.2.2 The following methods were added: chdir(path) - change the current working directory on the remote getcwd() - return the current working directory on the remote listdir(path='.') - return a list of files for the given path quick startimport pysftpsrv = pysftp.Connection('')srv.execute('ls -al')srv.get('thefile.txt')srv.put('anotherf

Netgear-telnetenable - A simple python implementation of telnetenable for enabling telnet on many Ne

OverviewMany Netgear routers have telnet support built-in, but gaining access to it requires an extra step of sending a specially formatted payload to the telnet daemon before it will allow users to log in. Netgear provides a windows executable called "telnetenable.exe" for doing just this, however, unix/linux/OSX users are out of luck with a "sanctioned" method. The openwrt wiki provides information about how to enable the telnet console for your netgear device. Included on this page is a link

Qwad - A wad management tool for your PC

Qwad is a graphical wad tool wich currently allows you to unpack wads and create wads from folders, download titles from NUS (and packing them into WADs) and decrypt their contents. It aims to evolve into a full-featured wii homebrew wad authoring tool.

Keimpx - Check for the usefulness of credentials across a network over SMB

Introductionkeimpx is an open source tool, released under a modified version of Apache License 1.1. It can be used to quickly check for the usefulness of credentials across a network over SMB. Credentials can be: Combination of user / plain-text password. Combination of user / NTLM hash. Combination of user / NTLM logon session token. If any valid credentials has been discovered across the network after its attack phase, the user is asked to choose which host to connect to and which valid creden

Django-fields - Fields pack for django framework.

IntroductionDjango-fields is an application which includes different kinds of models fields. Right now, application contains two fields with encryption support: EncryptedCharField and EncryptedTextField. SourcesNote, that this project on Google Code, was created for you convenience only. Please download latest code from project's page at git clone git:// RequirementsThis application depends on python-crypto, which can be found in many Linux re