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PyCrust is an interactive Python shell written in Python using wxPython. PyCrust is now part of wxPython (, so packaged files are no longer available here, and the latest development version has moved to the wxWindows CVS repository.



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SPE IDE - Stani's Python Editor

Python IDE for Windows, Mac & Linux with UML, PyChecker, Debugger, GUI design, Blender & more. Auto indentation and completion, call tips, syntax coloring and highlighting, uml viewer, class explorer, source index, todo list, pycrust shell, file browsers, drag&drop, Blender support. SPE ships with wxGlade,PyChecker and Kiki.

Stani's Python Editor

SPE is a python IDE with auto indentationamp;completion,call tips,syntax coloringamp;highlighting,uml viewer,class explorer,source index,todo list,pycrust shell,file browsers,dragamp;drop,Blender support.Spe ships with wxGlade,PyChecker and Kiki.

Wxpysuite - Latest releases of the Py Suite (PyCrust, etc.) -- Tools for Programming in Python, writ

Py Suite (PyCrust, etc.)The Py Suite in wxPython, originally written by Patrick O'Brien, was and is an extremely popular programming shell for the Python programming language. Old website: It has been used by multiple projects (Stani's Python Editor, many Enthought tools, etc...) and supports calltips, history storage, code completion, and many other features in a solid, GUI based python shell. I decided in 2008 after using Pycrust to program Python for a couple of

Spinmob - cross-platform scientific data handling, analysis, and quick plotting with pylab

IntroductionSpinmob is a scientific data analysis and plotting package I wrote during graduate school to move past expensive, buggy, poorly-documented programs like Origin, weaker programs like Excel, and fancy programs with a clunky environment like Matlab (which also gave me some trouble). The main features are forgiving and user-friendly data class for importing and crunching a wide variety of ASCII data files heaps of higher-level automated plotting functionality based on matplotlib interact

Jythonconsole - Jython Console with Code Completion

Jython Console is a Jython Interactive Interpreter that adds Code Completion. Check out the screenshots. Jythonconsole-0.0.7 works with Jython 2.5 Requirements Java Jython Installation Download Unzip the archive Open a terminal or cmd prompt cd jythonconsole-0.0.7 jython Hints <tab> and <enter> choose method completion remember to use the keyboard not the mouse <esc> makes the popup go away 0.0.7 works with Jython 2.5 Fixes  Issue 17 ,  Issue 18  and  Issue 21 

pycrustmixin - using pycrust frame debug python program

using pycrust frame debug python program

pycrustes - Simple library for solving the generalized orthogonal Procrustes problem in Python.

Simple library for solving the generalized orthogonal Procrustes problem in Python.

pycrust - A collection of CherryPy tools and add-ons.

A collection of CherryPy tools and add-ons.