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The PyCogent project is moving to GitHub. When completed, you will find us at You can find the PyCogent website at



Related Projects

Zenpdb - ZenPDB: The Noble Eightfold Path in PDB file processing.

ZenPDB got integrated into PyCogent: for now please install from the repository:

Pynchon - containers for (not only) biological data in numpy arrays

Pynchon - containers (not only) for biological data in numpy arrays.Pynchon provides data-container objects built by sub-classing numpy arrays. These sub-classes can be manipulated in exactly the same way as numpy.ndarray instances, but additionally provide support for: data-type specific methods. easy construction from specific inputs with magical broadcasting. input validation. easy compressed dumping and loading. uniform support for rank-0 arrays and structured data-types. Some classes are sp


A mirror of PyCogent's SVN repo.

pycogent - A mirror of PyCogent's SVN repo.

A mirror of PyCogent's SVN repo.