Pycaml -- Python Embedding API for Ocaml

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A library which provides the same functionality as the Python/C API detailed at, thus allowing objective caml programmers to provide python modules as native ocaml code, as well as allowing ocaml code to use python extensions.



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Kompostilo - Kompostilo Typesetter is a digital typesetting system for use in hobby and crafts.

Kompostilo Typesetter is a TeX-like typesetting system forked off of ant and written primarily in Objective Caml and Python. It is not compatible with TeX, and compatibility with ant is not going to be maintained. The project is new, as of this writing, and not yet in a highly usable state. This software is not designed to fulfill any commercial or academic need, but is instead meant for use in crafts projects such as making handsome PDF books and magazines, homemade greeting cards, digital art,

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