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PyBSDDB is an extension module for Python that wraps the BerkeleyDB from Sleepycat Software. This project will be used to help unify the various implementations and to continue enhancing the module as new features are released from Sleepycat.



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Koansys-recipe-pybsddb - buildout recipe to build a pybsddb egg

NOTE: This project is unnecessary. nothing like RTFM...or apparently the environment stuff was new in zc.recipe.egg-1.1.0. Just do this: [buildout]parts = bdb bsddb3eggs = download-cache = .[bdb]recipe = ro.bdb.cmmimd5sum = 073ab7f20d24b3872a51ca762f5090e7url =[bsd3-env]BERKELEYDB_DIR = ${bdb:location}[bsddb3]recipe = zc.recipe.egg:customegg = bsddb3environment = bsd3-envAfter frustration born of being unable to get pybsddb (bsddb3) to b

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